What is Deja Vu?


Q:  What is “Deja Vu”? 

A:  The most common occurrence called Deja Vu is the remembrance of an event as the event is encountered (again). What is actually happening is that the essence memory is coming through the conscious mind, of the event as it “happened” in an alternate reality, or as it was “tested” in the astral. For sometimes will the essence, having seen the outcome from the other reality attempting the scenario, “interrupt” your thoughts with the “memory” so that the outcome now, though similar, will be different.

For example, you see yourself hurrying along a street and you encounter your lover and an argument ensues. Then somewhere during that argument do you think or realize that you have done this before. It is at this point that essence usually directs the scene so that the outcome “changes”. If in the “remembered” outcome you broke up, now will you most likely concede to the lover’s point so as to save the relationship.

The remembrance is still in tact, for you remembered the emotionalism of the “first run through”, which was that of the argument, and that still occurred, but the result was altered. This is the most common occurrence of what you term Deja Vu. We call it a bleeding through of the alternate you’s life so that the current life, the life recognized as *The* reality, takes on a feel of unreality, of having already happened. This usually occurs when the point or event has a profound impact on the lives being lived.

Other occurrences that are sometimes called Deja Vu are those moments when an event that you consider part of your history seems to be part of your conscious mind’s memory. You tour a museum and upon seeing a bed warmer, you “flash” to a period wherein a bed warmer made a difference or emotional impact on that life. Again, you are receiving images from one of your fragments that is living in a reality that you consider part of your past, or what you call a past life.

Remember that all lives are lived now, for time does not exist as you know it, as you perceive it. For all things happen *now*–the past, present, and what you term, future, are all happening now at the same moment in the same space, but at different frequencies so that those in your now do not encounter those of a different now.

Each reality is separated from another by means of vibratory frequencies. By vibrating all participants and objects at a particular rate within a set range, it becomes not “visible” or observable or noticeable to those whose reality is within a differing range of frequencies. So all realities exist now, but by maintaining different vibrational ranges, none is perceived by the other unless one of your fragments “contacts” the overall essence that comprises all of you, and that information is then “fed” through to all the fragments of you. Most times does this occur during down-times–times of sleep, or day-dreams, or meditation. But there are other instances when the information is deemed “important” enough that it is acknowledged and understood by all fragments regardless of their current physical “condition”. For the information is needed by a fragment so is given by essence to all.

So Deja Vu is nothing more than essence relaying information gained by one fragment to another fragment at a moment of need. It is a “tapping” into the alternate you’s and the alternate scenarios that are being played out by your essence


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