Famous Astrologers

Q:  Can you tell us about some of these famous astrologers?

A: Heinrich Agrippa
This was a late 3
rd cycle priest/sage with a chief feature of greed for knowledge. He was also passionately infused with a deep-seated respect of/for knowledge and those who were considered experts in their fields. He sought for and strove all his life for that type of respect from others.

While his occult studies did touch on the teachings of astrology, his abilities use that knowledge gained was never intuitive enough. He relied more on facts and rituals than on the instincts and intuitions needed to make accurate charts or perform accurate readings. Therefore, did he confine himself to the writings of treatises and books rather than the performing of tasks using the knowledge gained.

He has passed through 3 other lives since then, and is currently extant living in Greece and working as a priest whose talent with machinery and all things mechanical makes him especially popular with those around him. An early 4th cycle with a chief feature of martyrdom, a spiritualist in the moving part of the emotional center with a goal of growth.

Linda Goodman
This dual person identifier was first held by a late 4th cycle server/priest whose motivations were originally to distance herself from the persona created for the trades and newspapers. However, the persona of the occultist soon became more her than her own identity of Mary Alice Kemery.

Her knowledge of the techniques was broad, although her skills were not. She had little actual skill in the practice of the occult, though as a practitioner of astrology she did manage to make accurate predictions through her unique understanding of people. Her accuracy rate with the astrology was about 65-70%; however, she was able to help expand the understanding of astrology throughout the states and Europe with her publications and that was good works.

Astrology is a valid way in which to know the major components of one’s life; however, the skill to see and understand those components comes not easily. While she knew the techniques, the skill was not one she readily grasped, so she relied on her understanding of people and her ability to manipulate situations. Her readings were more often generic, but the writings/publications were genuine

The second user of the name Linda Goodman (Crystal Bush) is an early 3rd cycle scholar/priest, a goal of rejection in observation; an idealist in the intellectual center with a chief feature of greed.  Her desire to maintain the name and continue the practice is more to do with marketing than with altruism. By retaining the name, could she gain a clientele not otherwise available to her. We see this one as lacking both skill and understanding of the techniques, but with great understanding of people and how to manipulate them. Her accuracy is primarily based on the information gained while speaking with the client and those near the client, rather than her understanding of the charts she draws.

Robert Currey
This is a 4th level 4th cycle scholar. His skill is in reading the stars more than on reading his patrons. His ability to pinpoint decision points and trouble areas in a person’s life is 80-87%, for his understanding of the planetary influences on those dwelling on Earth is high.

RH Naylor (Richard Harold Naylor)
Although a skilled technician, his talents at reading the stars were pedestrian. However, his ability to write a witty column was useful and so was astrology brought out of the parlor and into everyday life.

A late 3rd cycle sage/priest with a goal of acceptance in caution mode, a realist with a chief feature of stubbornness. It was through his goal of being accepted and having his work accepted that his greatest contribution to astrology occurred. Although, his talents at reading the stars was less than 25%, he was a capable technician whose star readings could be written vaguely enough to fit most people. This allowed the star readings to gain acceptance more widely.

Sydney Omarr Kimmelman
This was a 3rd level 4th cycle server/priest with a goal of acceptance in passion mode, an idealist in the emotional part of the intellectual center with a chief feature of greed, subdued. He sought attention and the subsequent fame that went with it, but this was overshadowed by his need for acceptance.

A true believer in the power of the planets and stars and their influence over all of us, he sought (and found) a way to use his belief to gain notoriety and acceptance. His personal charts were 90% accurate, while his more generic writings (newspaper columns) rarely had more than a 25% accuracy rate.

While he and Ms. Goodman’s personal readings were highly accurate, neither could do much regarding those items published via book or newspaper. They both attempted to be as accurate and honest as possible, but both were pushed to make compromises in order to get their materials and information published.

Q: There seems to be a lot of priests who do astrology, why is that?

A:  Priests and scholars both are drawn to astrology as a study, while scholars, kings and warriors are more prone to seek astrologers’ advice.

Priests, and to some degree scholars, are more able to perceive the higher spiritual energies needed to see the intricate patterns in the planets and stars and understand what they mean. Both are also more strongly in tune with their intellectual energies and so can more easily find the nuances within the patterns; the nuances that can bring clarity to an otherwise, trite or generic forecasting.

Sydney Omarr was very in tune with the patterns, as was the first Linda Goodman. Currently, the few whose perceptions are not blinded by other goals are few, but there are some. To find an astrologer that suits you, must you ascertain their motives and goals along with your own, so that a meshing of goals may be found.

Each person seeks their own level of “honesty” in those they deal with. Some want only to hear what they want or think they need, while others seek confirmation or permission; still others seek knowledge and may be willing to hear those things that go against what they thought they knew, while others are willing to accept any and all messages as if only truth were spoken always. So, each person must find their own astrologer, confidante, psychic, or priest, for only each person can determine for self whether the information is ‘truth” or not.


12 thoughts on “Famous Astrologers

  1. Edie

    Wow, this was really interesting. I remember growing up reading stuff by Omar and Goodman, so the readings really kinda rang true for me.

  2. Caroline

    This was very informative. thank you for sharing this information and the information about the psychics. Are any of the psychics you listed in that posting associated with this blog?

  3. Maddi

    This was great information. Thanks for posting. Hey can you give us some information on relationships including our relationship with mother earth?

    thanks again.

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