Is palm reading real?

Q:  Is palm reading and face reading real? Can people really tell about your life this way?

A:  We see the reading of palms and hands as a valid talent, if the reader is well-versed in their craft. For the details of the life are not contained thereon, but the overall milestones planned are. There is indeed the number of agreements for mating shown on the palm, as well as, major interactions and monads. To ascertain the nature of the relationships or monads, one must look to the aura, but the fact that they were planned is noted on the palms. This information is also “noted” on the soles of the feet, but few were ever schooled in the reading of these.

It was thought to help the individual “remember” by making a visual representation of their plan. But as societies and cultures changed, the ability and knowledge was lost to all but a few, and for those few it is still looked upon now, as something of an oddity. This is not to say that what is on the palm must be adhered to, anymore than that “plan” in your root and base must be. It was simply a means of communicating the plans you had made, so that you could better make your choices on life. There are those who, when they read someone’s palm, are also reading the person’s energies. This is not wrong or right, it simply is, for if more information can be gotten that would aid the person whose palm was being read, then what matter what part of that person the information comes from?

Those who read faces or bumps of the head or other similar things are either reading the person’s energy field or inventing information, for there is no valid information “written” on the body other than the palms and soles. Therefore, to tell someone that because they have thin lips they are a cruel person, or because there are 3 bumps at the crown of their head that they will marry 3 times is, to us, a most amazing fallacy.

Of course, all readings done by someone other than oneself means that the information must be weighed and evaluated, for only the person being read can decide what is valid and true. The reader may or may not be honest, knowledgeable in their craft, up to par (balanced, centered and healthy), and unbiased, for most all have an agenda of their own, which will color the information. This is to be understood. If one is not knowledgeable in their craft, whether it be reading palms, energies, or thoughts, then again, the information may not be completely valid. This is why only the person for whom the information is intended can decide.

The “reading” of tea leaves, or bones, or dice, or rune cubes, tarot cards, and all manner of devices are simply that–devices to aid the diviner. Some use it to mask their inability to read the energies, others use it as a way to get to a state where communication either with their higher self or other off-plane entities can take place, while still others use them as the means of communicating because they do not “channel” any other way. Again, it is not the method of communication that is questioned, but the channeler’s/reader’s ability to “decipher” and “interpret” the message. For if the message is interpreted incorrectly or from one viewpoint only, then the information’s value will be questionable. Therefore, the clarity of perception in the communication whether it be through autowriting, tarot cards, vocalizations, or bone tossing, is what matters. This then becomes a matter of how well the reader/channeler can move aside personality so essence can communicate with essence. For if personality is strong, then the information received is more likely to be “shaded” in some way. This can vary on a day-by-day basis, as the channeler/reader may find that they just cannot clear personality on one reading, when the next day they have no problems. This is why we say that even the best channelers/readers have only about an 80% accuracy rate. 

Does this clarify things?


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