What is death?

Q:  What is physical death, really, and does a person’s life light fade with age? Also, does the chief feature  contribute to the body’s choice of illness or death? In other words, are people with, say, impatience, more prone to heart attacks than someone with greed?

A:  It is the shifting of focus from the physical plane and the physical body, which is no longer viable and capable of sustaining life, to the being you truly are. You shift focus from being Suzy Smith to being fourth cycle, fourth level, sage-cast scholar in the moving part of the emotional center with a goal of acceptance and a chief feature of impatience. Then, after enough “time” has elapsed will even that shift, and you will then become 4, 4, sage/scholar ready to move on to something else or to select more overleaves for another life.

There is no ghost-like creature or physical manifestation at all unless one wishes to create such. There is no need to create a form of any kind, though most do because they are not yet free enough of the physical plane and so need to “see” some sort of body structure. Once that concept is overcome, do we take on a “shape” closer to what we really are—energy, light, sound, vibration, particle and wave patterns.

We are life, we are living, yet we are not what you see when you look in a mirror. That is but a physical construct that makes it possible for you experience and interact with the physical plane. It is a mechanical shell, a construction of the same matter that makes up the physical world. It is part of us (all of us), and when it is of no further use, does it return to us.

We are unsure as to what you mean by life light. If you refer to the auric energies that surround your physical form, then no. These energies do not fade unless there is some blockage or illness that keeps them from flowing properly, but then would they only “fade” in that area.

The color within one’s aura will shift and with a change in soul age might the colors grow more pale. For as a soul grows more adept on the physical and becomes what is termed an “older soul” will the colors blend, becoming more white.

One whose centers show little of their role and soul age colors are most likely those souls readying themselves to move beyond the physical plane to the next step in their evolution. For instance, a deep blue hue will indicate a new scholar, while a pale blue, nearly white, indicates one who is readying to leave the physical plane.

Because the chief feature is so strong a factor in the energies of the body, yes, it has an influence. However, it is not the determinant, you—essence—is. Chief feature can certainly contribute, though. For instance, someone with greed might be inclined to bring upon themselves more misery, more suffering than others simply because of their compulsive need to have it all, including all of the pain and suffering; whereas, someone with impatience might be more inclined to commit suicide just to speed things along rather than “waste time” dying a slow, and to them, protracted death. People with impatience see not the journey, but the destination.

Someone with martyrdom will try to ensure that their death, if not their life, is memorable. While those with self-deprecation are most likely not to let anyone know that they are ill or dying, because they do not want to cause trouble, be a burden, or some other suitable (to them) reason.

Arrogance would seek to appear strong, or beautiful, or knowledgeable (by trying every option out there or at least knowing all about them), or whatever their fear is.

Stubbornness would refuse to acknowledge the advent of death, as that would mean changing their status quo, something they are always loathe to do. They are the ones that will work until they drop in order to maintain their equanimity.

Self-destruction would welcome the illness or ending of the life, for that is what it strives for. Yet at the same time, would it fear the ending of the life, for it is equally afraid of living as of dying.


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