Who can talk with the dead?

Q: Can anyone speak to the Dead?

A: The ability to see and speak with spirits, those no longer extant on the physical plane, is one that needs to be cultivated. Although all psychics can manipulate physical energy to some degree, not all are able to alter their own frequencies enough to view and commune with those in the astral realms. This requires a different type of energy manipulation. All (people) can “receive messages” from their own guides, and usually these are delivered through dreams during sleep cycles. However, not all people are able to receive messages from those no longer incarnate on the physical plane.

While this channeler does transition those moving across from physical to astral, this is done while transcending the physical body. To communicate with them once transitioned would require a totally different set of skills.

There are many who can manipulate physical matter using non-physical ways, but there are few who can actually commune and commune clearly with those who are discarnate.

Q: How do they commune with the spirits? How is it done?

A: Although time is all now, for you (all of you) in the physical plane does time continue to affect your perceptions. Therefore, if you seek to communicate with a fragment that while physical was your father, brother, etc., and that fragment has moved into another reality with another physical body, then will that communication fail. However, there are entity mates or guides who can, if given enough “information”, create the persona sought so that closure can be achieved. These types of readings are usually less detailed and rely heavily on the images and resonances found within the seeker/requestor.

Those on the transitional plane or lower astral planes who do remain and do wish to communicate, usually do so (remain) because of lessons or agreements that are not yet completed. Communicating with those on the physical plane is not normally a priority; however, if the opportunity is present, many will partake if only to reassure those still extant that their loved ones are “ok”, and that there is no need for the life to become stagnated in grief or bewilderment.

The reason those who died violently do not seek retribution or do not interfere with the course of events by “naming their killer” is that they do not have that need any longer. Once they move from physical to astral, the plays no longer matter. Having shed the physical form, they “know” who, why, and what. There is no mystery, and there is no question. Most can already “see” how circumstances were chosen by all participants so that the outcome was as it was. Some see that there is no “fault”, only choices and opportunities taken. Those who cannot see this, will usually select another life quickly so as to return to the physical world and resume the “games” as quickly as possible.


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