Make your own reality

Q: You talk about being able to MAKE changes happen as if we have the ability to manipulate physical matter just by wanting it so. I don’t think I understand.

A: Everyone in the physical plane does have the ability to manipulate that world, both figuratively and physically. All matter was thought-energy before it became your “reality”. Therefore, to change your “reality” you must visualize it differently—you must see it how you want it. However, being in the physical plane, causes most people to be unable to comprehend this concept or to follow-through. Physical bodies are to you what blinders are to horses, they limit the perceptions of all the other dimensions and “realities” available to you.

Also, due to the slow vibrational rate of physical matter—the vibrational rate that actually gives physical matter its appearance of solidity—you perceive changes as occurring over great expanses of time (slowly), and there is much focused energy needed in making the alterations of matter because it is so dense and cumbersome to manipulate. Therefore, the perception of linear time combined with the slow vibrational rate of physical matter causes you to perceive any changes as occurring slowly and in small increments.

Whereas, in the astral levels the vibrational rate is higher and matter is less dense—more “fog-like” or gaseous. This means that changes occur more easily, more fluidly, and with much less energy and effort. Changes are perceived almost at the moment of their conception—what you can think of, occurs. It is why so many people who “visit” the astral plane without understanding or intention are so badly frightened, for what you bring with you, in terms of ideas and emotions, take form. It is where imagination becomes real.

So, those in physical form rarely “believe” in the possibility of creating their own reality, for the nature of the physical plane places limits and restrictions on you and your ability to recognize or follow-through on those possibilities. But essence knows the truth of the phrase “Anything and All Things Are Possible”, but essence is “trapped” within the physical form and must follow the dictates of the reality that it has chosen.

Q: So, if we can manipulate matter, then why can’t we make ourselves look the way we want…like Samantha could in Bewitched or something?

A: In a very real sense, you do. But as we stated before, matter in your world is dense and your knowledge and comprehension of manipulation lacks focus; therefore, your results, when they occur, are slow in coming and happen in small increments.

Your body is not beautiful or ugly, healthy or deformed, swift or slow, nor is it some casing simply thrust upon you at birth. It, like everything else, was chosen and is daily changed and manipulated. It is the materialization of your own thoughts, emotions, and perceptions.

You create the body that you see when you look in the mirror. The condition of your body, then, mirrors your subjective state at any given time. How long can you hold one thought? Living and surviving in the physical plane takes much of your focus, therefore it makes it difficult for you to maintain focus enough to change yourself from your (in your mind) matronly state to one more approximating the images to which you are constantly comparing yourself.

And we have to ask you why you would want to? If there were truly a need to be so different looking, then essence would find the means to maintain the focus and the frequency to make the change, but if it is only to satisfy ego and personality because you are constantly told by those of the media that those other images are the preferred standard, then essence will most likely turn the situation into a lesson. So, every time you look at yourself and say, “…I’m too fat…” or “…I’m so old…” this is what you will see, for this is what your essence will ‘program’ the body to be.

It is in this same way that you also create your larger environment, and the whole of the physical reality. You, the essence you, uses the energy of your thoughts and emotions to create the matter of your own reality. Your thoughts and your emotions usually combine with the energies of millions of other fragments which then coalesce into physical form, for each thought and each emotion has its own electromagnetic frequency or reality (if you will), and when combined with other similar frequencies the intensity of it causes physical reality.

This is why if you are not tuned into a particular frequency you will not see something or someone, for your physical eyes and the object(s) that they are viewing all vibrate within a particular range of frequencies. This is another reason why we tell you to not rely only on the physical senses, but to see the world through your inner eyes, and to hear the world with your inner ears, and to speak the knowledge with your inner voice, for the physical realm is only a small range of frequencies, there is so much more to be experienced than is possible with the limitations created by the physical form.


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