Does it help to wear magnets?

Q:  What can you tell us about the diminishing magnetic fields around Earth, and the wearing of magnets or putting them in your bed, etc.? And does the position you face when meditating or eating or sleeping affect you?

A:    We are here….The magnetic matrix or energy matrix is not so much diminished as it is in need of cleansing and balancing. Much like any other energy field, it is subject to the detritusness and toxiscities of the “real world” and all the thoughts and emotions of that plane.

There are those that would perform these tasks, but it is not a simple one. It takes many months and years in your plane’s time, for the layers are “thick” and the need to restore balance an important one. So it is that those performing this task do so while their physical focus is not needed. This, then, limits the time span (in your terms) wherein they can work on completing this task.

The matrix has improved significantly in the last 7 of your years and we see this as a continuing trend.

The trend of some to place magnets on or near the body is more a need of that body to balance itself. They seek the magnets as a way to rebalance the personal energies and/or seal the aura. As long as the magnets are used this will help, but better still would they be to close the holes in their aura and realign the energies, for all have the ability to do this, yet few seek the knowledge to show themselves how. So they “resort” to props, placebos, and crutches. These are not wrong or right, but they function only as stopgaps, neither correcting the original problem nor contributing to the overall well-being of the body and the energies.

Facing a particular direction while sleeping, eating, meditating, or in the performance of any task is “silly”. Physical plane directions of North, South, East, or West matter little if not at all to the energy that is you. A feeling of calm or vigor may come from being near or on what you call lei lines (part of the matrix), and this may cause you to turn or want to face in a particular direction. But if you then perform the same task at another location, facing East again if no lei lines appear in that direction will serve no purpose. In most cases, the turning or facing in a particular direction while performing a task, has become a ritual followed and propagated by 2nd and 3rd cycles. They have very little basis in “fact” or truth, for as we stated, what is true for one person at one location does not make it true for that person in another location, or for another person in any location.

“Noticing” lei lines is always beneficial, for it helps you avoid those that are cluttered with negative thoughts and emotions, or use those that are more colored with positive energies.

The positioning of one’s bed is purely a personal choice–and is usually based on the size and shape of the bed and the room in which it is placed, where the openings to the room are (doors and windows) and whether or not the person using the bed likes a breeze across their feet or face. For trying to match the magnetic fields with head or feet is illogical. For in your true state you have no such delineation’s–you are merely energy, so it makes little difference what part of you, if any, is directed at or on the energy field.

Meditation like anything else can become ritualized, which then begins to invalidate the exercise. If your point is to seek balance and refresh the spirit, then it matters little how the personality is moved aside to release essence, only that it is. Even sleep, in this instance, would suffice. If the point is to balance and heal the personal energies, then a more focused state is needed, but again, no ritual is needed or required to attain this. What is needed is a recognizing of the difference between essence-driven and personality-driven focus. Once the difference is recognized, then switching between the 2 types of focus becomes much easier. Sometimes when just learning, personality must be “tricked” into “letting go” or “moving aside”. But once it is found that nothing “bad” is going to happen, and the fear not needed, the process becomes easier and easier, until it is as if “flipping a switch”.  All can achieve this if they are willing to try. For some it may take much longer for their fear is strong, but they can still “win” if they are willing to work at it. If they decide to give in to fear, that is their choice, but it does not invalidate the experiences gained from the attempts, for all knowledge is useful–maybe not immediately, and perhaps it is not easily seen how the knowledge will or can help–but knowledge gained in one life is not lost, it can be used over and over again.


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