What are they?

Q: Can you tell me about some of these psychics and mediums?

A: John Edward:  This is a 4th cycle 6th level scholar-cast warrior with a chief feature of self-deprecation. A goal of acceptance, a pragmatist in power mode. Part of what this fragment does is read the energies of the requestor; however, does he also read the energies of those whose physical bodies no longer exist. In some instances does he contact those fragments newly transitioned; however, for those who have already moved on (reincarnated) does one of those he calls guides take on the persona and image of the person the requestor is seeking.

He would bring awareness to the world regarding what he terms “afterlife”. His honest and forthrightness in this life is in direct contrast to two lifetimes ago when he, then she, as a member of the Sadducees, used wiles, connivances, and poisons to get her way.

Uri Geller: we find this fragment to be a 4th cycle 6th level king-cast priest with a goal of growth in power mode, a spiritualist with a chief feature of arrogance repressed. This is a soul filled with a need to demonstrate to the world the reality of life as he perceives it. This is a soul whose need to validate himself and his reality supercedes all other goals.

Sylvia Browne: is a 3rd cycle 4th level warrior-cast priest. A cynic in aggression, she has a goal of acceptance with a chief feature of martyrdom. This is a soul on a mission. She would establish herself and her talents in a way that precludes argument or disagreement. She is, she does, she knows. This is her mantra, and this is her delivery method. She seeks not glory per se, more is it a need to establish her legacy, her place in the annals of wisdom for all who come after her. She NEEDS to be remembered once she is gone, but she NEEDS to be remembered in the way she dictates. Therefore, does she strive to create the persona, the materials, the legacy in a manner that will be hard for others to undermine or transfigure once she is no longer able to control the items.

Jane Roberts: this was a late 5th cycle soul with a chief feature of self-destruction. A priest-cast warrior, she was an idealist in observation with a goal of rejection. Her life was spent rejecting those ideas, those concepts originally taught and absorbed during her early life so as to allow the new concepts room to flourish and grow. The contact with that one known as Seth was as much for her own growth as it was for those she shared Seth’s information with.

Seth was a fragment of an entity comprised of kings, warriors, and priests. Seth’s methods of teaching are not ours; however, Seth’s information is as valid as ours.

That fragment that was Jane Roberts is not currently extant in the physical plane. She has been working through the astral planes with those who are her entity mates. She will make one more journey to the physical plane (live one more life), although the specifics have not been finalized.

Ruth Montgomery: This was a mid-cycle sage-cast slave with a goal of acceptance in caution mode, a skeptic with a chief feature of self-deprecation. She was intrigued, yet wary of all “extra” communications that she received, and was always seeking validation for her information. Her connections with Arthur Ford were and are many, for they do continue their lives with both feeding from the energies of the other. Psychic twins or essence twins do we see these two as always working yin to yang. Not yet extant, she now serves as the guide and astral companion to that fragment who was Arthur Ford.

Arthur Ford: was a late 5th cycle sage-cast slave, a spiritualist with a goal of growth in power mode with a chief feature of self-deprecation. That he is now extant is true, for he is now a final cycle soul living in Arkansas. He works with wounded veterans, but not as a doctor; more is he a type of orderly whose wit and wisdom are highly sought after. Many of those troubled in spirit and mind do seek his counsel and in this way does he meet with those of his entity and pass along his version of the “truth”. His overleaves are currently realist in perseverance with a goal of acceptance, and a chief feature of stubbornness. He refuses to give up for any reason and will not allow those he cares for, and he cares for many, to give up, either.

Sybil Leek:  This fragment was an artisan-cast priest with the overleaves of a king. Her abilities were widely known, which brought her fame and notoriety. While she struggled with this at first, the overleaves helped her gain mastery over her life. Now, is she a late 5th cycle medical student living in Aubrey, New England. An idealist in observation with a goal of stagnation and a chief feature of stubbornness. Little progress will be made with this life unless she can overcome or subdue her chief feature, for combined with her goal there is little room for growth. However, her idealism keeps her from becoming bogged down, and this serves her well. 

John Holland:  We see this fragment as a late 4th cycle warrior-cast priest, an idealist in passion mode, with a goal of submission and a chief feature of stubbornness. This is a soul whose overleaves abrade. This makes him uncomfortable with himself. However, his abilities give him great satisfaction and it is this that his passion focuses on.

Allison DuBois:  This is a late 3rd cycle sage-cast priest with a warrior’s overleaves. Her agenda is to bring “justice” to the world. She has a warrior’s need for battles and vengeance, which is aided by her selection of a warrior’s overleaves.


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