What about Chaos Theory?

Q: What are your comments on Chaos Theory?

A: We see not the validity purported in this “theory”. Rather is the pandimensional universe quite normalized. Randomization exists, yes, but this is not the same as chaos. For chaos implies no order, no pattern, when in fact, all has a very definite pattern.

The world and all worlds contain an infinite variety of patterns that can be, through choices, mixed in an infinite variety of ways. This causes the more uninformed and unaware observer to assume a lack of pattern or form where randomness prevails. But randomness does not mean without order or definition, rather does it appear through selectivity and choice, for without pattern and form, you cannot have randomness.

A butterfly flying in Beijing, which therefore causes a rainstorm in New York, is not chaotic, rather is it the continuation of the fact that all is one. All things are linked at the basest level of existence, for all things exist and are made manifest through the same creative energies. This link, then, causes all to be affected by one, and one to be affected by all.

Chaos means without order, yet order exists everywhere and is part of everything you can see, sense, hear, touch, and feel, for you created the world—you and all those with whom you share it. So if the world and all things in it existed as chaos, they would not exist, for how could everyone see the same world if the form were not of a set pattern?

Randomness takes over in how things, events, happen. The butterfly flies and it affects all things, yet the effect is random. In one reality it rains in NY, in another it snows in Japan. In still another, the sun shines in China. That there will be an effect is true, what that effect will be is random choice. Not the butterfly’s choice, but the choice of all those being affected.

Chaos is fear’s answer to the rational, systematic design that is the pandimensional world, for fear takes simplicity and complicates it. Fear twists and distorts, only love can find the easy path, or see the simple way to complete a task, or see the very simple forms and patterns behind the worlds. Fear would rather see chaos and complexity for this is the only way in which personality can reinforce its hold on the overall being and this is the way in which focus can be limited to one reality. Fear keeps you from “looking” beyond, from seeing the simplicity hidden beneath the overwhelming chaotic patterns emplaced by personality.

Randomness is the simple act of choice, for all awareness has choice, and all energy is aware to some degree. Therefore, all aspects of the physical and other planes create randomness through their choices, for this is how experiences are gained.


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