Metaphysics and Science

Q: Why do so many scientists seem to be turning to metaphysics to find explanations?

A: Metaphysics is the attempt of those intellectually centered to explain what traditional science cannot. Traditional science is that conglomeration of rules and theories espoused by those 2nd and 3rd cycles for whom change is fear-inducing. Yet, for those 4th cycles who are intellectually centered is there the study of quantum physics and those sciences dealing with the rules of physicality and those physical properties unseen and unseeable by humans. However, metaphysics goes beyond even that. It allows the imagination to step outside of the physical boundaries and ponder the what-ifs of life and realities, for it is here (in the realm of metaphysics) that those with the insight and awareness of essence can and do bring to bear those realities that they have sought to discover in their formulaes and calculations. We see it as being equivalent in substance and thought (not form) to those religions not so based in rigid structure.

Religions exist for those of emotional centering, and while some (religions) are clearly designed and created for those younger cycles requiring and desiring more rigid structures, are there others that allow the ideas and self-realizations to occur. For while Buddhism requires some small rituals, its basis is more in attuning one’s being to one’s self. The key to its system is enlightenment and awareness—awareness of who and what you truly are, rather than the “false” goal fostered by those of the Christ worshippers. For they create their own barriers by proclaiming only those who are of perfection, can seek God, knowing full well that no one of the physical plane can ever achieve that goal (of perfection). Therefore do they create within their believers that dichotomy of hope coupled with the knowledge of guaranteed failure.

Metaphysics is an attempt to blend both religion and science. For it brings to the fore all those questions and puzzles left unanswered by science and tries to answer them with philosophy and religion. And it brings together all those questions and puzzles left unanswered from religion and philosophy and tries to answer or solve them with pseudo-science. So does it become a blending of both “worlds”.

We are not metaphysics, we are real. Yet we are not part of your reality in a physical way that you recognize. Therefore, do you use that combination of pseudo-science and religion to explain our presence within your lives. But we are real as you are, yet do you find that hard to accept and ever harder to conceive. Therefore, do you seek those answers that bring comfort. If that comfort is of the scientific world then does you metaphysical answer swing more towards the science, otherwise, does the answer come more from the philosophy and religion. Each chooses their own level of “belief” based on their comfort level with those answers available.


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