Proving Science and History

Q: Why is there so much conflicting proof when it comes to science and history?

A: You speak of science and proof, yet you create the puzzle and you create the solutions; therefore, the “proof” is created by you to fit that which you would “prove”. If you would prove the world you dwell upon as flat, then would you then create the “proof” you would need to support this premis. We do not mean that you manufacture the data in a malicious or even knowing manner to give your ideas credence. That is not what we intend. But you create your world, and your reality, therefore, what you would create, would you also manifest the proof needed to make yourself comfortable within that world. Therefore, if you require evidene of previous civilization, ancestors from “ancient” times, then will you manifest them, for that is what is needed to create a comfortableness and a “past”—a comfortableness in this here and now.

For some, do they require an understanding through science of who they are, or where they came from, or how the culture developed or how their species evolved. Therefore, will they find all those proofs at hand within the planet, upon the planet, or in whatever place they do seek, for that is their need. To verify that their data is valid, do they also create machines and formulas and other measuring functions. But do you see, that it is their “belief” and their proof, and their means of validating their proof?

When others accept their proofs and their ideas, then it goes from personal truth to cultural or societal truth. It is no different than those whose beliefs or ideas are based upon religion or theologies. For they, too, are developing an idea, and then creating the proofs and the means of validating those proofs, first for themselves, and then for others. So do you have personal truths becoming more widespread.

The true difference between these approaches is based more on centering than on any real “truth”. For those who must validate through mathematics, machines, or physical senses, are often intellectually centered. While those whose validation comes from inspiration and emotions are intellectual part, do they create proofs in terms of unexplained events and other “miracles”, for this fills their physical senses, yet also plays upon the emotions. For those intellectually centered but with an emotional part, do they find the lack of physical “evidence” undaunting and are emotionally stimulated enough to accept the concept anyway.

So each is a type of “faith”. One is created out of tangible objects created by those who require such items, and the other is created from those emotions whose questions are not answered by mathematics, bones, or pieces of crockery. Neither is wrong or right, nor better or worse. Each is valid in its own way, for it fulfills a need for the various fragments existing within the physical realm.

Since time is not a truth but a perception agreed to by those in each physical reality, then is there no past, no future—there is only now. Each moment in which you contact us is a different now. In one now do you question your self worth, while in another do we discuss the value of inter personal relationships. Yet they are all you and us, but they are all occurring now. To you, however, do you perceive them as events already past, and events not yet happened. Therefore to validate a “history” must you then create the “proof”, for there is no true past. Ahhhh, you say, then why can we not tell you what your tomorrow will bring, for it is occurring as we speak. You are correct, it is, yet it is not.

For your “future” do you create upon your choices made in your current now. Within your now do you (the physical and essence you) know not what choices you will make, nor the decisions that will accompany them. Therefore, can we not “predict” which of the billlions upon billions of nows that are occurring you will create. We can tell you which paths are being considered, and which are being created, but we cannot tell you what you will do, for not even you know that.

While residing within the physical plane, does your physical mind seek to create a rigid structure of cause and effect, of past, present, and future. Therefore, do we find it difficult to explain our perception for it uses no time restrictions. When you depart the body and visit the astral, do you find that time is not as it is back within the physical form. For although you can still observe the occurrences upon the physical world, do you no longer need to follow or are dictated to or restricted by the concept of time. Instead can you focus on a now you never experienced as the physical you that you know as you, or on an experience and now that (to you) occurred when you were a child, or on a now that you might select for your future.

When you return to the body, you may find that mere seconds have passed or that months or years have passed. Now most often the body will allow you not to remain absent for so long. For it will seek to have you return when the body finds itself in need of food, liquids, or other necessities. However, it is possible for one so inclined, to ignore the body’s demands and remain focused elsewhere until the body can no longer sustain itself. If this does occur, and no intervention by others is forthcoming, then most likely will the body expire. This is why most would focus only for short moments on other locations before the body’s alarms do cause the focus to return.

If you would “believe” in science, then will you find manifest those items needed to validate your belief. And if you “believe” in some type of God, then will you, also, find manifest those items needed for you to validate to self your belief. This is also true of history. For if you would believe that there were Egyptians who created mummies and ruled along the Nile, then do you manifest the means to validate this.

If you want to believe in the evolution of man from apes, then will you manifest those “proofs” needed to validate (for self) that which you wish to hold as truth. Others may find these same manifestations lacking in validation, for they (as skeptics or being in rejection) find little that will, to them, be proof enough. So always are there those of true faith, partial faith, and no faith. Because for some only science holds the answers or only religion, while for others do they find the answers in both. Still others find only part of science or part of religion (but not both together) valid, and some will find themselves rejecting all. It is each fragment’s choice, for history even on a global basis, is a personal truth.


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