Is Earth really primarily 4th cycle?

Q: From reading the Yarbro series of books, I thought the soul age progression of a planet was orderly; that it went from an average age of infant to baby to young, etc., and that it remained at a predominate age for a couple of centuries. Yet, I feel like I am surrounded by baby souls not 4th cycle souls. Also, when I incarnate again, will I still be surrounded by baby souls and will it still be a 4th cycle world?

A: Of the soul age on a planetary basis do we gauge the whole of the physical realm. For although you perceive a more steady change over within that time line you term reality, are there others wherein the changing occurs seldom.

When we say that the world or Earth has reached that point whereat it is mostly 4th cycle do we incorporate all realities (all timelines), for that is the only true way to gauge the overall “age”. Of the realities available within the realm of Earth, are 92% of them with a majority of 4th cycles. Therefore, do we state that your world has moved into a state of being primarily 4th cycle. That this will take another millennium before all realities are again “aligned” in a primary soul age is true. For then will you (all) find that the majority of fragments will be 1st cycle.

Within your reality there will have been many changes in soul age, as you cycle through the various ages several times. But within a millennium of your time, will all time lines/realities again be with a majority of 1st cycles.

That one has to remain within the time line being experienced now is not true. For if upon the decision to re-incarnate you do not find the circumstances or situations compatible with what you would experience within that previous time line, do you merely choose to try another.

There is no “rule” that states you must even consider your “old” time line for your next incarnation. Where you go, as well as “when” you go, is your choice, which you should make based on those experiences you would have, and with whom you would “share” your world. For if all those you would make agreements with do not wish to partake of the reality you have selected, do you still have the choice to proceed, thereby meeting “new” fragments and creating “new” friends and new agreements, or you can follow along to where the others, with whom you are already familiar, would go.

Each reality/time line has its own “rules” and its own structures, and its own uniqueness. It may be exactly like the one in which you dwell now, except there is no history of a war in the 1940’s. Or it could be varied by something as minor as your young priest, Nixon, never having been “forced” from office by his own greed.

All realities are always available to you. You can cycle through a continuous time line or not. Each has its own pattern or timing of how the soul ages cycle through, and it is the culmination of all these patterns that becomes the basis of our statement in which we say that your world is predominantly 4th cycle, and will remain so until near the end of the next millennium when it will become primarily 1st cycle. For always is the 5th cycle more of a “cycling through” and rarely does the planet conjunction into being primarily 5th cycle. For the complacency of most 5th cycles creates its own type of energy stagnation. So although separate realities may have a predominance of 5th cycles, few enough of them do so at a singular now to create a world primarily of 5th cycles. Rather will you find it going to primarily 1st, with enough 5th cycles available to aid those who are new.


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