Kirlian photography

Q: What is Kirlian photography really capturing?

A: We see the images of the energies captured on the film as a representation of the outermost layer of the energies surrounding the body. It is not the complete aura by any means, but it does represent the electrical impulses being expended at the moment of the photo taking.

For instance, if the person whose photo is being taken is concentrating on their own questions as to what is occurring, then the energies captured will be primarily from the mental center.

If the person whose energies are being photographed is within their emotional center—in other words, merely feeling happy, sad, angry, hurried, or worried—will the image show that.

So, to understand the energies being viewed in the photograph, does the subject need to identify what it was they were thinking, feeling, seeing, saying, or hearing at the time the camera was engaged, for this then is what the film is capturing.

For a full auric reading and not just the most surface of visuals, do you need to look within yourself and experience the centers for yourself. The same guidelines would apply to Kirlian photos as to the selection of wardrobe. If the auric image is primarily gold or yellow, then is the motion/moving center invoked, or is the individual feeling (emotional center engaged) happy.

If the colors are predominantly red, then either the mental or physical form is ill, or the individual is filled with anger.

If the color is predominantly green, the energies are focused on the emotional center or the body, mind, or soul is in a healing mode.

If the color is predominantly blue, the mental center is invoked, or the individual is exceedingly calm.

Pink may indicate feelings of childlikeness or that the body, mind, spirit are growing ill.

Orange indicates a centering in the communications center or high energy in the physical body.

Browns indicate sadness, tiredness, or Earthiness depending on whether the focus was on the root, emotions or physical form when the image was taken.

So do you see, that although the aura can be caught momentarily, the moment too, must be captured or the image makes little sense.

More is understood if the full moving aura is seen, for the aura shifts in shape, size, and color, constantly and each shift signifies different things.

A spiky shape can mean anger, illness, depression, or an eschewing of companions, depending on the colors that predominate. Just as a round, softly shaped aura can mean contentment, peace, or sloth depending on the predominant colors. There are pillar-type shapes, cones, pyramids, inverted pyramids, fast swirls, slow swirls, and cyclonic swirls. There are auras that flash, others that seem moribund, some flow clockwise, and others counter clockwise.

It is only through observance of the various motions, color changes, and shapes can someone grasp the true depth of someone else, for most auras will go through a thousand shifts of color and shape within a very few moments. This is because a person’s focus changes from thought to action, to emotional center, back to thought, to spiritual, to thought, to creative, and back to action (moving) in the blink of an eye. Each time your focus shifts, so does the predominant energy pattern of your aura. For each center has its own pattern and its own colors, and as each is invoked, it affects the aura’s patterns.

Also, will you find within the aura the soul age, role, and cycle, for these also flow with you and around you. As are those lives (past and future) that do impact the current life carried within the aura. Therefore, is there much information to be gained from reading a person’s aura.

The outermost layer carries the most immediate focus. As each thought flits through your brain, as each emotion flits through your being, are they displayed on that outermost layer of the aura.

To see the role/cycle/level and overleaves, do you need to gaze into the innermost layer, for it is there that this information is displayed. Close to the body, it is held just as the “memories” or links to those other lives that would help you with this one. Available to those who can see or sense auras, and available to each person should they need them, this information is stored in the base chakra.


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