What are blackholes?

Q:  What can you tell me about black holes? 

A:  You do not choose a simple topic…We begin. These exist as gateways between/to other realities and other planes. Your scientists are right about that. However, since most other planes and realities are not physical it would be nearly improbable if not impossible for a physical body to pass through a black hole and retain its physicality. The lack of atmosphere and seemingly reversal of gravitational pull is merely the reaction of the physical plane energy merging and blending with the energies of the other planes and realities.

All energy comes from the same source, as you already know; however, all energy is not the same frequency or vibrational rate or consistency. Some energy is denser—that is what gives physical matter its physicalness; some energy is more fluid, more liquid. When the different types of energy meet they must blend and merge. It is like the blending of lava with water or lava with land. Different reactions occur, but none of them leave the original source in the same condition as before they came in contact with one another.

This is the same way in which a black hole would manage the energies. The energies would “react” to one another, but they would not remain the same. Physical energies blending with non-physical energies would end up half-way between the two, very similar to astral matter, but not really that, either. 

Black holes can be considered gateways, but more, are they the major grid points where the energies of all the planes and all the realities come together. These meeting/blending points are important in as much as they help all that there is maintain and keep the balance of all worlds.

Remember that in all things, balance is sought, and so it is with these points that the energy flows much like a river, as it tries to maintain an even distribution of all planal energies within every plane. You must have on all planes a relatively even distribution of other plane’s energies for the “reality” that you perceive, to remain stable, for without the energy from the other planes, the stability of what you call “truth” and “reality” would not hold. Objects would become ghost-like, non-cohesive, almost like a Dahli painting.

Your reality is based on an agreement of those souls/fragments entering into the physical realm. They agree that objects, people/bodies, sounds, sights, etc. within a particular vibrational range are the objects of the physical plane in which they will live and learn—it is their agreement that this range will be their reality. But it requires the energies of all planes to keep the focus, to keep the cohesiveness of the objects stable. 

Think of reality as a layered thing. You see a box, but put another identical box behind and in front of the original, and shift them slightly so they are seen on an angle to the original. Then continue to follow that pattern ad infinitum. Now, tell yourself that the only one you can perceive is the original one, because that one vibrates within the frequencies agreed upon to comprise the physical plane. However, without all of the other boxes to help stabilize and fill out all the other possible frequencies, the energies of the original box begin to become unfocused and scattered. They try to fill in all those other frequencies (balance must be maintained) so the “physical” object now begins to become ghost-like and unfocused.

Therefore, the black holes allow the frequencies of all planes to link together thereby keeping the balance of all the energies across all the planes and all the realities, which allows all of us in our own realities and on our own planes to perceive our worlds in the way in which we agreed. But because your physical body and objects are not perceivable outside of the physical plane frequencies, they could not “travel” through a black hole—or at least you could not perceive them if you did. For once “mixed” with all the other frequencies, the focus needed to maintain that physical form, that physical reality would be “lost” in the greater need to become one with and to balance within that blending of all energies. 

Do we make ourselves clear?

Q:  I think so. So, you’re saying that the black holes have energy flowing through them?

A:  So, yes the energies flow like a river or an electrical current. They maintain a constant “flow” which keeps all in balance. So a pathway it is, but not in the way your scientists think or theorize. 

Pinholes or small black holes are nothing more than the extension of the power matrix we described earlier. It surrounds the planet, yes, but it also covers all “points” within the physical plane, this includes what you call outer space.

Q:  Why do black holes seem to contain more gravity; and why can’t the scientists seem to fit gravity into their equations?

A:  Gravity is the one force that is not pandimensional. It only exists within the physical plane; therefore, all attempts to “write” it into a unifying equation fail. Although, the “rules” derived by your scientists only apply while in the physical plane, the truths within those “rules” apply across all dimensions, because the “objects” they would measure (light, sound, energy, and the other perceived forces) exist across all dimensions. But gravity does not. It is a convenience agreed upon by those participating in the experience of the physical plane and does not extend beyond that realm. This is why it seems so “strong” near and around those black holes. The energy used in creating gravity congregates there before being dispersed throughout your plane. It must be compiled and formed into the energy sequence that makes it what you call gravity before it can be dispersed, so it only seems that black holes have a great deal of gravitational pull.

Gravity is a compilation of all energy from all planes and all realities. It is this compilation that allows you to function in and create your world as you go along whether you are cognizant of what you do or not. Binding you to the planet is an agreed upon explanation for its purpose, but it hardly covers the importance of what it does within the physical realm, for it truly is the balancing force governing the entire plane.

Black holes are, in a sense the starting point, the birth point of gravity. Dying planets and dying stars also seem to have a great deal of gravitational pull surrounding them and their area. This is because the energy that comprises their gravitational field grows out of proportion to the planet or star—their energies become unbalanced.

Even as they seek to rebalance themselves, the gravitational experience becomes extreme in their vicinity. As balance is sought, several results may occur—the star or planet may, to your perception, implode, causing the energies to disperse suddenly in one great burst; thereby putting things back in balance. Or the star or planet may continue in a slower more progressive fashion to “shrink”—that is become less visible within the frequencies of the physical plane, although their energy does not change, it just becomes no longer visible to you. But since the gravitational field only exists within the physical plane, it seems out of proportion to the physical object remaining (to what can be seen of the star or planet).

Eventually, however, all will become balanced again. The energies comprising the gravitational field, will disperse as the field is no longer required, and balance will be restored. You must remember that your perspectives are limited by your need to experience time, so what you see as taking decades or longer, to us is instantaneous.


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