Is it possible to abdicate an internal monad?

Q: I was wondering how it was possible to NOT complete the 2nd internal monad. It sounds impossible not to have a sense of yourself.

A: To abdicate any of the internal monads is possible. For if one wishes not to experience birth, can they abandon the body causing either miscarriage or stillbirth.

To abort that 2nd internal monad, would create those children called total dysfunctional, for they would respond barely or not at all to outside stimulus, having essence no longer “in residence”.

To abort the 3rd internal monad leaves the youth forever a youth. For they never emerge outside of the influence of the family. They abide at the family home, and respond as would a youth to those called parents. They remain within the rules and dictates of the parents and family, retaining always that icon bestowed while still a child or infant, for they never break away and seek identity outside of the family.

To abort the 4th internal monad, is to remain within the enculturated shell. If the parents believed that women were chattel, then so will you. If the parents believed in all the doctrines of their church, then so shall you, for you will not allow essence to emerge and all “thinking” and all choices will be done through false personality.

To abort the 5th is to review not the life, for you allow not essence to review and learn from those “lessons” encountered during the life. This can be done by dying, or by creating that illness of mind or body that prevents the spirit (essence) from reviewing. Also can you choose not to “listen” so that none of the lessons are absorbed.

To abort the 6th internal monad is also to abort 7. Those who aborted (these) are those people who would live “forever”. They may be 100’s of your years of age, and still healthy and living and content. They refuse to seek any way in which to die, which therefore prevents them from dying, for any death entails a choice. Whether it be to simply stop breathing and be dead  or to be within the path of a moving train, it is still a choice, and that choice is the 6th internal monad, while the actual ceasing of the physical form to function within the physical plane is 7.

So do you see, that you cannot complete the 7th internal monad without completing the 6th, and if you complete them not, do you live forever (in theory). Unfortunately, the body is designed to fail; therefore, will the body eventually succumb to its own failures, thus ending the life, but still not completing the 7th internal monad. For the ego will not have fulfilled the 6th and 7th monads and so will several lifetimes be needed which do little but focus on dying.

So any and all of the internal monads can be aborted or skipped, if you so choose. However, since essence needs and wants balance, then if it aborts the 3rd internal monad in one life, will a life be chosen in which the primary focus is to experience that monad. And once experienced, will the life be ended so another more complete life can be experienced. This then brings balance back to the fragment, and ensures that all lessons are experienced that one wishes to (experience).

Is this more clear then?


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