Are there a lot of planers?

Q: Are there a lot of planers, or what you call greeters?

A: Many such exist throughout the world. Between 6 and 10%, of the population spends at least a portion of their time helping others transition across planes; however, only about 2% do so on a “full-time” basis. Those that do, do so in order to prepare themselves for transitioning (for moving from physical to astral).

Not all who are moving beyond the physical plane will choose to have a Greeter (this is how we refer to them)—someone who will meet them, escort them, appear as whomever it is they need to see, and create for them the reality they need to experience.

Some would experience their own creations, whether it be nightmarish or heavenly, as they prefer to do it themselves. Every choice is valid, but as long as some desire Greeters, then Greeters appear.

That you need have agreements with those that you “plane” is not necessarily true. Those participating as Greeters have agreed to respond, when able to, to the “call” –a tugging at the heart and throat chakras. This directs the Greeter to the one who is in need. If a response is not possible, will another be contacted. It is not a contest or competition, there are no points for most greeted (transitioned), there is only the knowledge that you have helped someone.

Many of those requesting or wanting Greeters are third cycles, for they are so mired in the plays that they have the most difficult time letting go, of breaking free of the physical persona and moving on to the next adventure.

Some second cycles also request Greeters, as their fears can become overwhelming once in the lower leve4ls of the astral planes. A few fourth cycles will also request Greeters, especially when they have large families, groups of friends, or others that they wish to interact with before moving on. It is easier to manage the construction of multiple people with someone adept at the manipulation of astral matter.

Few fifth cycles or first cycles ask for or work with Greeters. In fact, most Greeters are first and fifth cycles. First cycles, because they are still so close to the Tao, and fifth cycles because they have lost their attachments to the physical plane.

Those who are the most adept at seeing through the frameworks and the constructions of the physical plane are the ones most likely to become Greeters. They work with and interact with fragments of self not yet re-united, others of their entity, and those who act as guides.

Those they greet are known to the guides who then “ping” a Greeter to come. Location has nothing to do with who is called, for all proximities are near or far in the astral. However, the guides do select based on the time zones within the physical plane, for the guides do not wish to impact the current life (too much), so will seek out those who are experiencing quiet times—meditative moments or sleep cycles. This way the physical body is already at rest and the essence of you can easily shift focus to the astral levels and those in need of guidance and greeting.

This makes Greeters no more special than those who heal the sick, construct buildings, collect garbage, or plant gardens. Everyone is part of the overall. To help another is to help yourself, for as you help them remember who and what they truly are, do you also help yourself.

Each of us learns our lessons, has our experiences, and shares our lives (physical and non-physical) with everyone else. Therefore, all that you are, am I, also. All that I am, are you also. We are, all of us.


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