What about 12/21/12?

Q:  There’s a lot of speculation and fear being generated having to do with the ending of the Mayan calendar and whether the world will end on 12/21/2012. Could you talk to us about that?

A:  First we would state that dates have no meaning except in your physical reality. Second, the fact that the Mayan calendar appears to end on a specific date is only suspicious to those who wish to make it so.

The Mayans calculated the positions of the planets and stars, and noted them out a thousand plus years. That they expected to perish as a civilization is not true; therefore, did they believe there was ample time to return to and update those calculations as time progressed.

However, the civilization did not endure, but artifacts were left behind, including their calculations and recordings of planetary and celestial movements. You are not now, nor have you ever been close to being in an apocalyptic reality wherein the planet and all on her were to die or be destroyed.

While there are realities wherein that scenario is very real, yours is not one of them. This is but another of the many dramas that is fed by the need for drama brought about by the predominance of fourth cycles in your reality. Conspiracy theories are always popular with fourth cycles, for they feed the need for drama and fear. This is just such one.

The Mayans’ society was an unstable one with the spiritual leaders leading through fear and those of the ruling line beginning to move toward a less fear-based relationship with those they ruled and with their neighbors. The spiritual leaders were primarily second and third cycle, while the ruling class was moving from third to fourth cycle. This caused a rift to grow within the society so that much fighting internally did erupt. With this weakness was it easy for other neighboring tribes to conquer them.

Many societies find themselves in similar positions, and most of them do not remain viable societies for very long.

We see no reason to fear the date 12/21/2012, unless you choose to, for the drama of it is very appealing to those of certain roles and cycles. The fourth cycle sages especially find any type of conspiracy theory dramatic and fear-inducing, and so is this apt to appeal to many of them.

Most fourth cycles appreciate a good drama, and conspiracies are frameworks for drama. The intrigue they engender are great inducers for fear. Priests (depending on the conspiracy), sages, some scholars (if they can find enough “facts” to satisfy them), and some artisans (if they can create the atmosphere of mystery) are very drawn to these types of dramas. Warrior and kings may get drawn in if they perceive an actual enemy or threat, for then their action roles will respond. If the conspiracy remains primarily intellectual, they will rarely be fully engaged and so will not be willing to believe or participate.

Priests need to be engaged mentally and emotionally. Sages just emotionally. Artisans emotionally and creatively. Scholars intellectually, and servers need emotional involvement and a strong leader. Warriors must feel a need to respond actively. The same is true of kings, but they must also be involved intellectually.


4 thoughts on “What about 12/21/12?

  1. cohenix

    So they’re saying that this is all just a big fraud perpetuated by our overwhelming need for drama? What if I don’t agree?

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