Which came first?

Q: Which came first, physical matter or awareness?

A: Awareness must precede matter, for without awareness matter would not exist. It is all of us that have chosen to create a physical world that give matter its substance. So, without awareness there should be no purpose to cohesiveness of matter.

We, all of us, give matter its shape, its form, its function. We mean us in the most global of ways. It is a playground for learning and experiencing. We had awareness, we had life, so we began creating—thoughts, realities, existences of different types. Physical matter was just one of the types, just one of the ways in which awareness created objects, and realities.

As awareness, then thought, then matter, back to thought, and returning to awareness. This is the cycle of the physical plane. When one tires of creating material objects and material “playgrounds”, then they are free to choose another medium in which to play—such as emotions, ideas/thoughts, music and tonalities, and the other myriads of imaginative playgrounds, for our whole existence is and all our awareness is geared toward creativity, experimentation, learning, and trying.

All matter, all energy as you know it and can understand it, has awareness, but not all energies are awake or have the consciousness of you or fragments like you. For life as a chair or blade of grass would be a boring one and without much experience gained. But we are all of the same substance—we all come from the one, so the “potential” for complete awareness is in everything—it is all a matter of how the patterns are put together.

For some patterns give partial awareness—birds, cats, dogs, horses, etc., and other patterns have more awareness—you and others like you, while other patterns have only the potential of awareness—grass, chairs, air, clouds. These items are then “monitored” and governed by those who are aware. They make sure that the patterns remain “steady” so that when viewed by anyone at any time the chair is a chair, and the grass is grass.

Patterns of those that are slightly more aware, such as the animals, are maintained by a collective link between the species. So, all dogs are linked and understand what a basic dog looks like, which helps them maintain that pattern. Each fragment or human maintains their own pattern, their own body casing. For each fragment has hundreds of levels at which they function, although they are rarely conscious of no more than 5. It is in one of the “lower” levels that they each maintain their own physical form pattern.

We say “lower”, but that has no real meaning except to imply that it is not one of the levels of which your physical conscious is aware. Your physical conscious is usually aware of and accepts input from visual, auditory, tactile, taste, and olfactory levels only. It is only through meditation or sleep that the consciousness can be side-stepped so that other levels of awareness can be experienced while in the physical body. These occurrences can sometimes be so overwhelming in emotional and mental sensory input that the conscious physical mind cannot comprehend what was experienced. These experiences then become dreams or what the mind terms “imaginative wanderings” or “day dreams”.

It does not matter to essence what the mind calls it, as long as the message is eventually received by the conscious and is worked with in the physical plane. Many scientists have found their greatest answers while dozing, for it allows essence to review and contact those other levels and gain the answer while the conscious physical mind is “out of the way”.

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