Why participate in life?

Q:  I still question why we have to participate in these lives. There’s so much pain and hurt, and it seems that everything should have been experienced and learned by now if there are so many participants.

A:  Why do you participate? Because you choose to. Why is it needed that you participate? It is not “needed”, nor necessary. Each of you are within the life you have created because you wished to be so. Yes, there are millions and billions of fragments across all the planes experiencing various forms of life and different events and learning–always learning. So, why one more? Are you not repeating what others have already done a thousand times over? No. Why? Because you are you–you are unique. We are not you, though we are. But upon the plane you dwell in are you unique, therefore, your experiences are
unique. Never is there an exact duplicate of an event or of a lesson or of an experience. Each is unique, just as those originating the experiences are unique.

Yes, at the core of what and who we all are, are we the same, but within that sameness is there also uniqueness. For even as one, are we still with variations. For our tonalities, our frequencies are not the same as Thomas’ [another teacher such as ourselves], just as you,[nameremoved], are not the same as the scholar, [notnamed]. Nor has there ever been a fragment who is an exact duplicate of that scholar or of you, or of anyone else. All are different, while all are one.

Remember, in sameness is death, for always do we grow, expand, gain in knowledge, awareness and experiences. But each cadence, oversoul, entity, essence, fragment, is unique. From the overall (the tao) to the smallest bit, is there no identicalness, always is there that which makes it unique.

So, no you are not forced to be in the life you now live. And no other will contribute what you do, to the tao, to the essence, to the entity, to the cadence, etc. You (all of you) are unique, and therefore are your perceptions and experiences unique.


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