Siblings and entity mates

Q:  My brother and I are so close, I wonder if we’re also entity mates?

A: Siblings rarely are of the same entity. For the closeness shared at that level makes the lessons of family that much harder to accomplish. Easier is it to work within an enclave of those whose vibrations, though similar, are not the same. Therefore, do you most often find that those of family will be of an entity twin to your own. This gives a feeling of knowingness, of comfort and understanding, but without the intenseness found within your entity.

If entity mates do wish to be within the same family, do they often pick positions less volatile, less intense, than that of sibling. Most often is it that of uncle, aunt (through marriage) cousin, or other less “noticed” or less interacted with relative.

Once a soul has gone beyond the need for lessons within the family, will the instance of entity mates as siblings or parent increase, but it is still rare enough for us to say that an occurrence is unlikely. Most often will younger souls seek out lessons with those who are “older”, therefore, will they form agreements to participate within the family as sibling or grandparent.

Parents can be of entity twins or they can be any of those whose best way of completing some monad comes by participating as your parent. Each (person’s) reality is different, just as each person’s needs are different. However, most often will you find that immediate family members are those of the twinning entity.


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