Are final cycles special?

Q: Do all final cycles have special abilities? I mean are they always knowledgeable about what they need to do and why, or what others need to do, etc.? Are they more aware than anyone else or is it something else?

A: Those final cycles that are aware, truly aware, are rare. Many are awake, and most have some awareness, but few truly grasp the completeness of it, or the wholeness of it. What sets final cycles apart from the others who populate your planet, is their wisdom and insight. For they can see the plays and dramas and understand them for what they are, while others are much more involved (in the plays themselves).

Of “special powers”, no, there are none. Many do choose energy manipulation skills, but mostly is it the awareness level reached by them that others are drawn to. For they truly see the different layers of your realities. Also do they understand the dilemmas that seem so real to all others, are not “real”, that it is possible to participate not if they wish. They recognize those who are as players and those who would dabble and those who would merely observe, for they are themselves, for the most, merely observers. The advantage of being final cycle is also its disadvantage, for the awareness brought to them also creates barriers about them, as they can no longer easily mix with most others, having lost their desire to immerse themselves in the games, and so they become isolated and lonely. They more than most are prone to great bouts of depression, for they would seek companionship, friends, yet their inability/lack of desire to stay within the game(s) for any prolonged period keeps them from obtaining that which they desire.

If they are “lucky” enough to have arranged a mating with one similar enough to self, then will they have some basis of relationship and companionship. However, not all arrange this and even of those that do, not all accept the opportunity, not realizing the depths to which the isolation of lack of involvement can take them.

A final cycle will re-live each cycle in summary, with each cycle lasting a year or 10 years. For they will review and summarize all that they are and all that they have been before “settling” in on what they are now. For they skim through the cycles until around age 30 or 40 they settle in the final cycle that they are. Those whose time is shortened by their choice, will do the review and summary much quicker, and gain their recognition and understanding of who they are at an earlier age—some at 20, some at 30. It matters only that they have completed all that they have chosen to do and now move ahead with their lives. Once awareness is reached, do they truly begin teaching, for although they have all through this time “taught” those who came to them all that they knew regarding life and its realities, now do they begin in earnest. For now they truly are aware, and they wish to pass along all that they now know to others, for they wish the knowledge to not be lost.

For this reason, will they seek out all those that they can from their entity so that they may become the “keepers of the knowledge”.

So first is there review and summary, then is there awareness, followed by searching and teaching. It is for this reason that many–not all, but many–will live as vagabonds or be rather “footloose”. If those they seek dwell within the confines of corporate America or computers or hospitals or other such professions, then will the final cycle seek a way to join these “clubs” so as to precipitate the meetings. In this case, did the scholar need to gain knowledge of computers and of the Internet, for the two brought her within the realms of those she sought.

For most fragments, true awareness comes only at the moment of or weeks before death. For the final cycles it is an awakening that occurs early in the life and only continues to grow brighter and brighter until the physical plane can no longer contain them and they move on.

Being final cycle does not make you more intelligent or more wise, at least in ways of the physical world. For most final cycles would it appear the opposite. For they exhibit a trust and naiveté similar to that of first cycles. For they have little fear left and little involvement in most things physical, and so realize not the majority of events that occur constantly all around them.

Understanding of how the world and people work, they share–with each other, and with others who care to listen. But of the making of money or the “realities” of every day life do they understand and care little. That they can remember much of their lives and so understand more easily why events occur around them as they do, is true. But the ability to read others is a choice that not all final cycles select.

That one is “born” a final cycle is not true. But one can become a final cycle once born. If the tasks or agreements wanted to experience are balanced and all karmas are balanced, then do you become a final cycle if that is your choice. For you could choose to create an imbalance so as to keep the play going, but most have grown “weary” and seek other stimuli and other adventures, so determine to be final. Those who are “finishing”, are no more “special” than those just starting. All are equal. That both (those starting and those finishing) are more “in tune” with the all than others, is true. But then others are more “in tune” with the physical plane than are they. So it is equal.

Final cycles are closer to full awareness and understanding than any others still within the physical plane. They share this awareness with most anyone who would ask. Those nearest them in understanding are those first cycles newly come. For they are still so close to their origination point (the Tao) that they are at times considered more “there” than “here”.

Final cycles are drawn to find as many of those from their entity as they can. For this is a task they take upon themselves once they choose to be final cycle. They do this (search) for to assure themselves and others that they are not alone, that there are others like themselves. Also do they do this to find again those feelings of camaraderie and kinship so long absent from their lives.

That they also impart their knowledge to those they choose as “carriers” or “bearers” of the knowledge is true. For they feel overwhelmed with all that they realize they know and they wish others to have this knowledge so that it is not “lost”.

Most will seek enough training to get them by with whatever job type (if any) is needed to pursue those they wish to find. For most, manual or moderately “technical” skills are all that is needed. For others do they require no skills at all, and do they wander through the world mostly unobserved except by those that they wish to be observed by.

If the twin is extant, might they search for them, also. But more important to them is the gathering of those that feel to them as “family”–the entity mates.

As a final cycle fulfills their final review, they also begin to shed any vestiges of those fears that remain—or they try to.

For them, the final review is not just a life’s review, but also a moving forward. Because they know that the next step is to move beyond the physical and because they no longer want to be restricted by those physical plane fears on their next part of the journey, they begin to shed as much (of it) as they can now.

A releasing of fear is one of the last steps in cycling off. For in releasing the fear do you find balance and in balance do you find that you no longer need to remain. It is part of the overall review phase for everyone, but for final cycles is it a bit more intense, for they attempt to divest themselves of all fears, thereby freeing themselves completely from the physical plane. This is possible, but it is rare, for always does the human part of you hold on to that little spark of fear of the unknown. For it does not fully trust essence and so will not completely release its hold until death severs the connection.


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