What is a final cycle soul?

Q: What does it mean to be a final cycle soul or to be in your final cycle of life?

A: To be a final cycle soul simply means that you have chosen not to return to the physical world in physical form once the life you are living is completed. It means that all self- and other karmas that cannot be resolved elsewhere but on the physical plane are taken care of; that all monads that essence (the soul) wanted to experience and not viable except on the physical plane have been accomplished.

It is basically a choice made at the start of the life being lived that when the life is complete, no more physical incarnations will occur. Those who have made this choice are aware of it on all levels. They do know that they have chosen not to return (to the physical plane in physical form). Some may change their minds, which is their choice <grin>, at any point throughout the life, but most do not. They have reached a point in their evolution (their soul growth) where the physical world no longer holds their attention fully, and so they have already begun to experiment with other realities, other planes, other types of existences.

Not all choose to be greeters (what you call planers) or guides, just as all those in the physical world do not choose to be teachers or nurses. Many do (select greeting and guiding); others seek out other ways of inculcating their lessons while still maintaining their “human side”. Once that portion of the “lessons” or experiences is complete, will each person then select other experiences to explore. This continues until they are ready to choose to move on to another plane and the experiences available there.


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