What is the soul?

Q: The soul (awareness, ka, spirit, essence, whatever) is often described as energy. Yet I have felt for many years that the soul is something else—at least if we’re using the conventional definitions of matter and energy as Einstein meant them. That is to say, I feel the soul is a “third state”, for lack of a better phrase. Could you elaborate on this?

A: We define energy as any force capable of generating mass or activity, for all objects are composed of energy, even Einstein knew this. We are the universe—what we are, what comprises us (all of us—you, us, and all other beings and objects) is the awareness of life.

We are all composed and comprised of infinitesimal particles that vibrate at a specific rate. Within each of us is a multitude of these particles, all representing the seven ranges of frequencies that comprise the All. As the fragments take form, they may pull from the whole, more of one frequency than another, thereby becoming what we term warrior, scholar, king, etc.

Not all particles are aware enough to have comprehension and thought. Some particles, though aware, are (the closest we can say this is) not awake. All particles live, for we have no concept of death (that is a term and concept only those in your plane of existence use). For you define a difference in states of being based on the form created to allow you focus within the physical plane. That the form is not you is not a concept that most can understand. That the form is and was created by you, from that which is you, to be used by that which is you, is true. But you are not in totality that form.

That there is a first or second or third type of substance is not true. There is only different states of one “substance”. We are (all of us are) everything. That is how we create the worlds and realities in which we dwell and experience. That we are something recognizable in your terms, restricted by your physical plane concepts, is not true. For energy takes many forms—we can be mass, such as the objects and creatures of the physical plane; we can be as light, such as what you “see” when you reach the Causal plane.

We are of music or sound or tonality. We are thought, ideas, dreams, and concepts. We are time and experience and awareness and life. We are. The Tao is. You are. We (you, us, all) are of the Tao, and it is of us. What you define as “those objects and creatures not me” are, in fact, you. For all that you see, hear, dream, experience, think, is made “real” by you using that energy, that “substance” that comprises you and all of us. This is why all who dwell within the physical plane agree to the concept of a couch or house, but you “actually” create that house or couch, and give it definition and make it “real”. Others who would see or “use” the couch, would then define it and make it real for themselves through themselves. That is why each fragment’s reality is unique to them. For although all would share the same event or experience, each fragment creates the definition and details for themselves. Their reality is not yours, just as yours is not theirs.

There is only one “substance”, one element, one type of particle throughout all dimensions, all realities, all planes. That one “substance” or element is us (all of us). Through awareness have we (all of us) created worlds within worlds within worlds, so that we may grow and learn and experience. So as your world holds all that you see, feel, hear, taste, and experience in your way, so does our world allow us a multitude of expressions and experiences in our way. But both worlds, realities and planes are and were created by that energy, that substance that is all of us.

The “rules” of the games cause you to see a reality wherein there are objects you call animate and others you call inanimate, and to you are they composed of different components, particle and substances. But that is your perception, for when truly viewed without the narrowing perceptions of the physical realm, will you see that all objects (animate and inanimate) are of the same substance. All matter is energy and all energy “lives”, for all energy has life, yet not all particles are aware at a level capable of sustaining thought, ideas, concepts. These particles, then do we use to “create” those objects not required to think, but only required to be.

All that there is, whether it be space, time, distance, are just restrictions and concepts created for experiencing in the physical realm. No where else will you find these concepts viable. They are planal truths, not pandimensional ones.

We (all of us) are closer to light, if any comparison be made to substances perceivable within the physical plane. For by changing the frequencies can seemingly solid objects be made gaseous or non-reflective. All objects in all planes are created by setting the frequency of vibration to a particular range. All “vibrate” or move in a certain rhythm, in a certain pattern, creating a frequency or vibration rate.

So like a rainbow of 7 colors do we eventually blend back to the Tao, back to the one, creating one color of all 7 colors, one vibratory frequency from 7. So there is but one substance, one energy throughout all universes and that energy or substance is all of us.


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