How do I communicate with my guides?

Q: What meditations can you use to communicate with your higherself or your guides?

A: To seek counsel from oneself, do we recommend any form of meditation that allows self to “escape” the boundaries or bonds of the physical form. Whether this be through walking, sleeping, quiet contemplation, or other means is the choice of each individual, for each will find that they have the power to define that way which works best for them.

For those who would create a gateway/link/channel to those of other planes, do we see a need for them to first contact essence. For once they are adept at essence contact, can they more easily step aside and allow essence to conduct that interplay needed to develop the gateway that would allow those from other planes with whom you have agreements to work with you.

Creating gateways or links or channels from the brow to the heart would be for those who seek to communicate with guides from the astral. Those whose links or gateway extends from throat to tao in an inverse pyramid, would be in contact with those of the mental plane. We see most as having the links being either to self or to those who would aid and support from that called astral, and this is good works. For always will you find that the information given by self or by others in essence, wider of perspective and therefore more capable of aiding you in your decisions.

To create a channel requires the agreement of both self and those you would link with. For creating a gateway without agreements can bring about much harm to the physical form. For the gateway is more of a protected link; an energy exchange of those who would communicate one with the other. If one is to start a gateway, but has no agreement with another, then will a weakening or breaching of the physical energies be the result. That this breaching could cause cancer or other malfunctions of the body, is true, for the gateway would require the agreements and the “protections” of those who would communicate.

We see most as having agreements always with self, as well as with several of the astral plane, for those who would seek beyond that plane, should they first seek contact with the astral. From there can they determine whether other agreements exist, and whether the contact necessitates a gateway, for not all contacts do. Some can occur through the dream states and be quite effective. There is not always a need to be linked for direct communication.

For more on meditations, healing auras, or the use of focusing objects, refer to the free book, Michael on Health and Healing or Michael on Channeling, Guides, and Other Topics.

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