Cleansing and balancing meditations

Q: What meditations can you use to clear the aura or balance the chakras?

A: We have given you the meditation, after that, the sensing/feeling of the aura and the centers will require patience, for most cannot see the energies.

Using the palm of the right hand, place it first on the energy/motion center (near the thorax) about 2-3″ from the body. Try to sense the “pulse” of the energy as it flows in and around you. It flows in a clockward fashion with tendrils going up and down connecting to the other centers. Imagine an iris or eye, and easing that eye open so that the power is felt and seen. Yellow like the sun it is.

Now follow that power down to the base. This is red like a dwarf star. It holds the library of your lives. You can spend much time here learning and remembering. Again, it has cords going up and down linking it to the other centers. Follow it down to the root. This is either brown or black or a combination of both—like Mother Earth—for it is your link to the Earth, to each other, and to all things physical. It is where the “templates” are kept, so that objects appear as they should, as they were agreed upon to be in appearance. This is the center that “talks” to you and interrupts your meditations. So you must learn to “soothe” it and coax it into silence by giving it other things to worry about. Again, it throbs with life and its tendrils wrap around and go to the power centers at your thighs, and from there, you knees, your ankles, your feet. 

Move back to the thorax and go up. Now at the heart the color is green, life/love, health/emotion. For this is the center of emotionalism and emotional health, but it is also the center used when healing others. Again, feel the life as it throbs in harmony with your body. Listen to it, hear it, feel it, sense it.

Follow the energy upward to the throat. This orange center gives life to thoughts and ideas, for this is the expression center. This is where communication takes place. If this center is blocked, then communication is blocked. Tune it, feel it, balance it. Then follow it to the brow. This is light blue to royal blue. This is your intellectual center. This is where ideas manifest. This is a strong center and one that frequently gets out of balance, much like the heart.

The tao is at the top of the head—an inch or so above you. This white/lavender center is your spiritual center, for it connects you to all that is. This is your link to you—your real you, the you not physical. We see this being the primary intake of energies for healing and readings and balancings.

For general health and increased energies, it is best to take them in through the thorax, for this center automatically filters out extraneous emotions. So, the flow of energies is down through the tao, through all the centers at the front half of the body, to the feet; then back up through the back half of the body to link again at the tao.

To draw in from the feet or lower portions is to interrupt the proper flow of energies and cause conflicts and blockages. If one wishes to ground to the Earth, to become more one with the physical; then pull downward more energies and extend the aura beyond the feet into the Earth and back up. Do not draw up from the Earth, for this causes blockages in the knees, ankles, and sexual centers.

To extend the energies higher and reach your higher self, the spiritual self, or other planes, extend the “reach” upward. Draw the energies from the causal or astral planes. Normally, you link at the lower astral levels, for these are your day-to-day levels for activities, but by linking upward, you extend your connections to yourself and shift your focus from the here and now physical to the you outside of that. But that is extending into channeling and that will come later.

To aid in the focusing of the proper type of energy can you select a gemstone or metal or herb or other object that reflects or carries or heightens that frequency needed. Then once applied, can the one being healed then use the object(s) to maintain that balance for hours or days afterward. This allows the body (whether physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional) to retain the focus and energy balance until the healing is complete or until another healing session can be arranged. For the healing of the psychic body is it best to apply metals such as golds, coppers or platinums. For the healing of the spiritual body is it good to use those gemstones with a clearness in either colors of white/clear, lavender or pale blue. 

For those trying to heal the emotional body, stones with colors of blue (whether opaque or clear) are best. The mental body is best approached with gold colors and ivory, so all gold topazes, or citrines, or golden chalcedony’s—for again, clarity is not as important as color.

The colors reflect the vibratory rate of the stone, and the clarity indicates the higher end of the frequency range. So for those using citrine, the rate of vibration is faster or the tone higher, than that of golden chalcedony, which is opaque, for that would indicate the lower end of the range, or slower vibration rate or a lower tone. Is this then more clear?

The spiritual centers and the spiritual body because it is connected to the Tao, works best with clear stones—that is stones of little or no coloring, such as diamonds or quartz crystals. For these then encompass all tones, all frequencies, all colors, and match best the tonality or frequency of the spiritual center itself.

Many would also use other objects such as woods, metals, plants, etc. These also can be helpful if the right or compatible frequencies can be ascertained. Few objects are acceptable or compatible to all centers, so care must be used when selecting healing aids.

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