A Cleansing Meditation

Q: What meditations can you use to clear or cleanse your aura?

A: For cleansing auras are there two methods that we would recommend. The first entails the use of visualization, while the second is based more on the clearing of energies through the use of focusing aids—objects that will help you focus your energies.

Visualization Exercise:

Imagine your body as a house. Now place yourself in the attic of your house (the spiritual center). There is a big window to the front and another one in the back. There’s also a skylight. Reach up and open the skylight, which will flood the room with light. Then open the curtains on both windows until every shadow is dispelled. To remove the cobwebs, any staleness, or blockages, you must open the windows and allow the energies to sweep through like a summer breeze. 

Because these are not ordinary windows, you can easily adjust them until they are of equal size. Grab the smaller window and pull on it until it is the same size as the other. Both windows should be from the top of your head to your knees, and only a smidge wider than you that you see standing in that attic.

Now once you have the windows sized properly, stand in that room and absorb the feel of it, the “sound” (the vibrational frequency, or the tone) of that “room”. When you have that tone or feel memorized, then step to the center of the room and open the trapdoor that is there, and go down to the next room (the mental center).

The light/energy from above floods the room. Move to the front and open the curtains, then move to the back and do the same. Again, this lets all the energy and light in. Open the front window, not the back one if you would have the energies sweep through. By leaving the back window closed it keeps any “noise” out (other’s thoughts or desires). Again, check the size of the windows, and if they need adjusting, stretch or push until they are of equal size.

Once again, stand in the room until you know its feel, its tone. When you are sure of it, then blend it with the tone from the crown and become familiar with how they sound together.

Now step to the center of the room and open the trapdoor and move down to the communications center. Again the light from above fills the room, but you still need to open the curtains (front and back) and chase out all the shadows. Again, open the windows in the front until all the staleness, cobwebs, and blockages are removed. Check the size of the windows, and adjust them if you need to.

Then again, absorb the feel and tone of the communications center. Hear it. Feel it. Let it surround you. When you know it, then blend it first with the spiritual center—hear them together; know them together. Then add the mental center, and know them together.

Continue this process until you get to the base. At the base, again open the window curtains and let the light in. Also adjust the windows for size, if you need to. Then once you’ve “memorized” the tone or feel of the base, begin to add the other tones one at a time. Listen closely and become as familiar as you can to the feel and tone of each segment and of the whole “chord”. This is what you feel and sound like when you are healthy and in alignment.

Knowing this chord makes it easier to “hear” when some part of your body is out of balance. Maybe a tone is too loud (the “windows” are too large or open too far and allowing too much energy to move through, or perhaps a back window was opened), maybe a tone is flat or muffled (the windows are closed or are too small.

You have to know the individual tones or the feel of the individual centers, before you can know what your chord sounds like or what the balanced you feels like. Once you have the feel of it, the sound of it fixed within yourself, you can more easily make adjustments as they are needed, rather than waiting until the whole aura is misaligned.

We would recommend that this technique be done at best once a week, and at worst once a month, for to leave too lengthy of a period between balancings, can leave the physical body at risk of ailments and injuries.

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