What is meditation and why do it?

Q: What is meditation and why would you do it? Also, are some roles and cycles more inclined to meditate than others?

A: The art of meditation is of use for all, for it helps one to focus their energies more closely and to free essence to better indicate along which path it would travel. Also would it be of use in relaxing and healing, as well as for establishing communications with self or with one’s guides.

Meditation is the art of looking inward and contemplating nothing, yet at the same time understanding everything. If your point is to relax, then you simply need to find a quiet place containing no outside distractions and no artificial noise (no TV, no radio, no computers). Then do you need to make your mind and body as quiet as the location in which you meditate.

The position of the body should be a comfortable one. Try to keep the mind focused on the task at hand. Do not let outside thoughts or noises distract you. As you grow more adept, the outside world will have less impact and it will be harder for it to intrude, but when first starting, every little thing will seem much more important than what you are doing. Ignore that impulse and continue with the exercise. Eventually, the base chakra will stop trying to attract your attention and will let you do what you wish to do.

That all will partake of this tool is not true. For many find not the release, nor do they find the focusing of energies as anything meaningful or tangible. For those of the intellectual centering within an action role do not well in pursuing such seemingly inactive past times. To do so, defies (to them) all logic and usefulness. Therefore, would they be better served to participate in some activity of a repetitive nature. For this affords them the same opportunities in focusing and relaxing, yet seems to have more purpose than that of “contemplating the navel” .

Rarely will you find a third cycle willing to invest the time or effort unless some tangible can be made manifest through the action. For they prefer to spend their time in acquiring those “prizes” deemed worthwhile, such as power, wealth, or position. If they can be shown that these prizes are more easily obtained through the use of meditation, then will they devise the time and method to participate in such an endeavor.

A meditation is any focusing of energy toward a particular goal while conserving the energies expended within the physical plane. That one must sit or lay in a particular position while chanting or with the room darkened, etc. is not true. For any stance or position that is comfortable and that allows the thoughts to be freed is a meditation. This could be a seated position, while walking, while lifting weights, while swaying in a swing. The objective is to occupy the physical side of you, thereby allowing the real you to emerge.

End Part 1

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