How do I unblock my chakras?

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Q:  Sometimes I feel a pressure on the chakra near my thorax and it feels as if the energies are all blocked up. Other times I feel as if the energies around my throat are blocked. It’s like being all choked up or something. How do I clear this or keep it from happening? 

A: To clear the chakras is not overly difficult; it does, however, take some time and some concentration.

The spiritual center, the crown, rarely becomes impacted, for if it did, the body would cease to function. Therefore, there is little that can (or should) be done to moderate its flow.

The base is the body’s connection to the physical plane and to itself. It is the instinctive center. This rarely gets impacted, for if it does, the body cannot function. Instincts tell the body how to breathe, how to evacuate the bowels, and how to keep the heart beating. Without the instinctive center, the body fails mechanically.

The primary disconnects are thought, emotions, communications, motion, and creation. These centers are interconnected and necessary links are used when expressing self. When the links fail or are impacted, then measures must be taken to release the energies and equalize the flow again. Therefore, do you need to evaluate which center or centers, and which connection or connections are impacted so as to best release them.

To clear the mental chakra, what you call the third eye, requires a shutting down of thought. That means sleep or some sort of waking sleep, the type experienced when watching television or meditating.

Once the mental center is “relaxed” and in good flowing order, will the energies again move freely through that chakra.

The communications chakra, located at the throat, can become closed off; therefore, it is good to cease all communications or as much as you can until it is cleared. You must live within yourself rather than through your connections with others. Once the energies have relaxed, and all flows freely, can you again resume communicating with others.

Communications can become bolluxed when you attempt to communicate too much with too many in too many ways. You can overflow the center and create a jam up of energies. Also, can it become impacted through physical illness, or the impaction of the center can cause physical illness. Better then is it to leave off the texting, emailing, talking, writing of words or music, drawing of pictures, or other communicating practices until the energies again flow evenly.

When the emotional center, the heart center, is overwhelmed, can it feel as if the body is having a heart attack, or that there is too much pressure against the chest. Blocked emotions build up and need to be expressed. Holding them inward creates many physical ailments. It is best to use the creative and communications centers to release some of the pent up emotions; however, if that does not work, then the moving center may be used.

Emotions must be expressed, for stored within the body do they cause much disease and illness.

The thoracic center, located near the belly button, is the moving center. When it becomes impacted, the body’s energies are stifled. Movement is needed by the body. Ignoring that need causes the energies to flow not smoothly. Rather would it help to do tantric yoga, walking, swaying of the body or parts thereof, running, or some other rhythmic movement to help release the energies. Breathing, yes, if done in a rhythmic noticed way.

The root is the creative center. It is here that many of the other energies are expressed. Therefore, when it becomes jammed, it is wise to release the energies gently. Thoughts are expressed either through communications or creativity or movement; emotions, too, are expressed through one or more of these centers. Therefore, do you need to determine what works best for the energies trapped and do that. If the energies are emotional, then perhaps creating art or music is needed. If the energies stuck are movement, then having intercourse usually helps. If the energies are mental, then creating plans or working with the hands usually helps.

Taking photographs, painting a picture, decorating a house, planning a party, building an engine, painting a house, having sexual intercourse, these are all creative endeavors and can help to alleviate the blockages in that center. Each of these activities is connected to a different center, such as the emotional center, mental center, or moving center, and if one of them is blocked, then it usually also affects the creative center. This means the energies need to find another avenue. Emotions, thoughts, or actions need to be created or expressed, and if one avenue is closed, then the other is used.

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11 thoughts on “How do I unblock my chakras?

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  6. Frank

    Thank you for the information. It would be very helpful if you could provide at least 1 meditation. I know there are lots of different styles, but what would they recommend for clearing your chakras or just relaxing?

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