Do cycle/role affect art preferences?

Q: Do preferences and tastes change in regard to art (painting, music, prose, etc.) based on cycle? Are these also affected by roles? Such as warriors liking only rock ‘n’ roll, or only scholars liking Monet?

A: We see the role and age affecting one’s tastes, but not nearly so much as one’s overleaves. For the overleaves more than any other feature will “dictate” the nuances and subtleties appreciated by or disdained by the fragment.

That the role and cycle do have an influence is true, for a first cycle will be more appreciative of those arts that are reminiscent of nature while a second cycle will appreciate only those artists extolled by the influencer of the life (whether that be parents, mentor, religious figure, etc.). Third cycles will appreciate that which is “popular” with the masses, for they will tend to seek the exterior value rather than the intrinsic worth of the art or composition.

Those of the 4th cycle will seek that which “speaks” to them. Whether it be emotionally, intellectually, or spiritually. If the piece of art or music or prose causes them to think or react in some way will they find it “valuable”. Those of fifth cycle tend to be more accepting of many types of art, prose, and musical composition, seeking more of a momentary release than a mystic meaning. However, those arts or compositions that linger in the consciousness will eventually become more favored by the 5th cycle. For those that linger will have triggered some deeper, more universal acknowledgement of what they (the artwork) are and what the universe is or how it works. For always are 5th cycles seeking the answers to those questions “Who am I?”, “Who are we?”.

We see scholars more willing to appraise and evaluate the works, rather than actually involve themselves. While the sages try to immerse themselves within the art. For the sages seek flamboyance, and drama, so the more dramatic the art the more intensely will they like it.

Warriors are drawn more towards those arts (paintings, musics, photographs, prose, etc.) that depict movement. For they are in the action mode and prefer movement to stagnation or idleness. Therefore, do they seek motion in all forms. Kings, too, prefer movement as part of the art, but can and do accept as valid, those pieces lacking movement. However, they do become bored easily when confronted with nothing but static art, and would much prefer a mixture if static must be included.

The server is content to see that others are comfortable and/or happy, and so will seek to incorporate those arts into the life that are non-controversial and calming. For they would see others calm, relaxed and happy. The priests would prefer those arts that guide them to the higher spiritual planes. For they are always seeking their ideal of God in all things they do. Therefore, will they seek god or spirituality also within their art.

Artisans seek commitment, balance and creativity. They look within the art and try to perceive that which the composer or artist wished to express. Then will they use that art to create a scene either within the home or office or at a party. For they too, are creators and they see all things—people, animals, objects (animate and inanimate) as props to be used within their scenes of creative endeavor. Whether that creative endeavor is their own home, a quiet dinner party, their office, or a full-out party. Always do they need to set the scene just so, so that all will know whether to be crazy, somber, subdued, loud, etc.

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