It’s magic…

Q: At one point, you said that things would shift so that what we consider magic would become more mainstream, yet it seems to me that except for television, we’re still dealing with societies that are pretty darn conservative in their thinking. Can you elaborate?

A: Science is still the primary driver of your western society—science and technology—and science has begun embracing many of the lesser anomalous aspects of what you term paranormal. Those within the scientific and technology communities begin to branch, to expand, their thinking and their theories into those areas that can be considered more than anomalous, and bordering more on what is considered the paranormal; however, not all proofs are accepted readily or easily and so the progress [of acceptance] is slow. It is pushed along by those of the general population who want answers to the questions that they have been asking all along. 

Meanwhile, religions remain more staid in their view and their approach to those anomalous occurrences. [We define anomalous occurrences as any of those events that fall outside of what is considered normal, such as thought transference (what you term telepathy) or clairvoyance.]

Science is willing to explore the more extraordinary, including that considered paranormal, since technology now allows for the measuring and quantifying of anomalous behaviours. With the advent of today’s technologies, science can now measure and photograph brain waves and brain patterns as physical objects are moved, transported, or disintegrated. Also, are scientists able to more accurately measure the energies surrounding and emanating from the individuals who can reach within time and deduce the path most likely taken by an individual, country, or the world.

Science is also beginning to understand and move towards those realities that extend beyond the measurable; however, those [scientists] that do are still often regarded as fringe scientists. For without the validation of statistics and data, do others find it difficult to lend their own voice to affirm the truth of it. More, will some at least affirm the possibility, while others simply ignore the whole thing.

In creating a standard called “norm”, do the (traditional)  scientists build a structure that they fear to look beyond. But the many anomalous occurrences can no longer be ignored and the “norm” no longer explains all that is happening.

It was easier to ignore those anomalous occurrences when communications were more controllable and less invasive. However, with the availability of instant communications for nearly all who dwell upon the planet, is there little anyone can do to keep the news of anomalous events quiet. Therefore, do people seek answers to these occurrences, answers from those that serve science or answers from those that serve religion.

Since most religions still refuse to acknowledge these occurrences except in terms of God or Devil, that leaves many who seek answers turning to science. This, in effect, forces science to move in a direction that they had not considered. Therefore, do you find science beginning to touch on, investigate, and offer explanations of those abilities and anomalies considered “magic” – the ability to use thought energies to move or manipulate matter, which is but another, more dense version of that thought energy.

So, like a pendulum, science becomes magic, magic becomes superstition, then superstition becomes religion. Meanwhile the pendulum of religion also swings, as religion becomes science, which becomes magic, which becomes superstition, and then back to religion. That is how your world works.


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