How can I lead a perfect life?

Q: Can you give me step-by-step instructions in developing personal contact with my higher self and personal guides, so that I can live a perfect spiritual life here on earth?

A: First we would need to define the term ‘perfect’. For in your meaning of the term, do we perceive not perfection, but death—of the entire being.

That the purpose of life on Earth is to be perfect—spiritually or any other way—is not true. Is this achievable, yes, but most would achieve this only through death. For only through death is the body then “perfect”. For your idea of perfect is, to us, a form of stagnation. If one is to be perfect (our definition of perfect) then must one be continuously changing and growing. That is the reason for experiencing Earth and any other reality—physical or non-physical.

To be perfect spiritually (in your terms), would one need to be dead, and since we (none of us) can die, then we will never be spiritually perfect. The tao is as perfect as any of us will ever be, and even it is constantly growing and changing. There is no perfection (by your definition), there is only growth and experience.

If what the questioner seeks is to live through essence, then again, would we question as to what purpose. For without overleaves, does the essence experience the plays but without participation. For essence does not seek to participate in the plays, only ego does. Therefore, without the overleaves to give the essence a goal, a reason, to follow the play, will essence simply return to those levels where physicality is no longer needed.

If this is the goal of the questioner, would we suggest achieving enough awareness and understanding of the world in which he dwells so that acknowledgement of those imbalances can be made. For only in achieving balance, can one achieve enlightenment enough to leave the world of physicality and proceed upon the path.


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