How do they know where to find them?

Q: How does it work? How can people know where to find objects or people they’ve never seen or met?

A: True knowing, the knowing of or recognizing of objects or people is the ability to read the energies around you and sort through them to find the single strand, the single thread of energy that is what or whom you seek.

To find an object do most need to first recognize the energies of someone who has used, held, or otherwise left their imprint on the object. Then do they sort through the energies of the objects until they locate the energies of just that object being sought.

All objects, just as all people, plants, animals, and all things, have a definitive energy pattern. Objects may appear to be identical, but each carries the additional energies of the person who made it, or packaged it, or stocked it, or otherwise handled it in some fashion. Each time someone handles the object, the energy pattern shifts, taking on part of the creator’s, mender’s, possessor’s, or other person’s energies, too. This is also how someone can use an object to get a “picture” of the possessor or user of the object, to know something about that person.

If you were to take a necklace that someone wore constantly, you would be able to state something about that person just by reading the energies embedded within the necklace. As with any reading, it would be incomplete information, for most times the energies embedded within an object are those imbued with the most emotions. Therefore, might you pick out different moments in the person’s life—moments of extreme happiness, as well as moments of extreme fear, sorrow, or anger. Day-to-day moments would not be so prevalent, as the emotions would not be so extreme.

While you might pick up some “normal” moments from an object that had been in someone’s possession for many years, something that they had had for only a few months or years would not hold much besides those few episodes of extreme emotion (if any).

Locating a person is easier than locating an object, for a person is a unique blending of energies, whereas many key rings exist, as do many necklaces from the same jeweler. This makes it much more difficult for the locator to hone in on the exact object, especially if they cannot lock in on the energies of the possessor or creator.

Locating a particular individual is easiest (most times) when a photograph or other image is available. For someone capable of locating an individual through their energy pattern is most likely one who can “see” the energy pattern of the individual within the image. However, there are those who can locate someone simply through the use of a name, but this is more difficult, especially since like names can be used by many individuals. In that instance, do we recommend the use of birthdates and perhaps other defining characteristics, such as parentage or birth location or last location known.

Once the energies are identified, then can the individual be located. Always is there a need to verify the identification, though, as most with this ability do have, at best, an 80% accuracy rate.

As to what can interfere [with the locating of people or objects], we would say many things can. The incompatibility of the energies can create a block to the seeker as can heightened emotions of the seeker or those around the seeker. Distance is not a factor [for most], for if the connection is good and sound, and the pattern “clearly recognized”, it matters not how far the seeker is from that which or whom is sought. Some seekers have a more developed sense, while for others, it is more of a random accomplishment.

Those who can trace anyone are more in tune with themselves and the world at large, for they understand on some level the connections between all life (animate and inanimate) energies. We speak only of those who are honest and not of those simply seeking monetary recompense or attention. For those who seek monetary recompense or attention are much prone to “inventing” what they think the other wants to hear. They usually do not care if the information is accurate.

For those who are truly trying to help, does the linking of energies come more easily, for they are not falsifying connections, but rather are they listening to those connections that already exist.


2 thoughts on “How do they know where to find them?

  1. SanMordant

    Wow…now that is very interesting. So, how would I find someone who would be willing to do a reading, somone not interested in “…recompense…”?

    1. tasinator

      I guess you’d have to ask anyone who says they do readings whether or not they charge. I’ve seen lots of adverts for psychics and such…

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