Astral Projection: What is it and how do I do it?

Q: Can you explain or define or whatever what an out of body experience or astral projection is and how would I do this?

A: These occur when focus is shifted from the physical to the astral. What happens is the focus causes you to be “released”, that is no longer restricted by the confines of the physical form. That is because you are no longer focused on the physical form. The energies are still there, as is the fragment that is you, however, your focus, your awareness is now on the essence that is you, that part of you not confined within the body you created. However, the physical mind or ego or thought patterns still exist, so forms and shapes and familiar objects are created.

You will see yourself in a body, but it is astral matter and ghost-like. And you will see rooms and people, but again, they are astral matter and ghost-like. Most are created by you for your interaction. For instance, if you go to the astral to meet with someone specifically and “arrive” first, the setting is probably contrived by you, but the other participant creates his own form, as do you. If, however, you go there simply to go there, then the participants and other figures are most likely those created by you to populate your experience.

All have these experiences every night, but most do not remember them. To “consciously” create this occurrence, requires a shallow meditation, wherein your objective is merely to shift focus from the here and now and the current physical form, to the astral. This means raising the vibrations of the subtle bodies and focusing energies through the heart, throat and brow. This then will cause or allow you to shift from here and now, to the astral.

There is no real “separation” of a body from another. There is no ghostly form that freely “walks” away or floats away . That is merely the physical mind’s interpretation of what it “sees” or senses. For it comprehends not the shifting focus and so attempts to understand the best it can.

The sentience that is you merely shifts its attention from the physical plane and the physical body that it created to inhabit that plane to the astral plane and the astral “body” that it created for no purpose other than the comfort of perception. For a body is not needed except on the physical plane.

What may seem to be hours, are usually only seconds or the blinking of an eye in your world. For time distorts very easily once focus is removed from the physical plane. Time on the physical has no meaning here in the causal, and little meaning on the astral. So although they (those on the astral plane) can see all times and all timelines, the “moving” of time does not really occur.

This is why it is wise to have a guide present, so all time is not forgotten and the physical body does not suffer from dehydration or lack of energy/nutrients. For it is difficult for those merely “visiting” from the physical plane to comprehend the lack of time and so remain too long, thereby causing “harm” inadvertently to their physical form.

Does this help?

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