What’s the point of life?

Q: What’s the point of life?

A: The purpose of life is to live it in any way you want. If that means ending your life and starting a new one then that is your choice. But still life is being lived – tried, experienced. Life includes death, just as it includes birth, because they are but different stages of the same overall life. Each life has a beginning (birth), middle (what you call life or living) and an end (death), and each life varies by trying different types of each of these – different births, different ways of living, and different deaths.

There is no set pattern; each soul selects their own pieces and in putting them together, creates a unique life for themselves to experience. There are suggestions and frameworks, but still is each soul free to do what they will even after having selected one of those suggestions or frameworks. They may add many layers of other frameworks around or on top of or within the original one selected, or they may choose to experience just that one – it is entirely up to them. They may choose to experience birth immediately followed by death with no life existing in between; this, too, is alright, for all situations and all scenarios are open for experiencing by every soul. They may decide to experience one framework over and over, perhaps even choosing similar participants and events and locations each time, and again, this is fine, because all experiences merely add to the overall experience that make up the whole.

All of life is but an experiment in reality and all of reality (to you) is but one piece of the overall reality that exists, for within your reality are many realities unrecognized by you. But as with all things, it is not what you can see, hear, taste or feel that makes a thing real, it is what you perceive and believe that makes it real. So if you truly believe that cows can fly, then somewhere in your reality they do. It is your own perception that helps form and create that which you call reality.


4 thoughts on “What’s the point of life?

  1. Mykala

    This is a good tip especially to those fresh to the blogosphere.

    Short but very accurate information. Appreciate your sharing this one.
    A must read post!

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