What are ghosts, really?

Q: What is the most common cause of ghosts or ghostly sightings?

A: The most common occurrence of ghostly sightings are what we call “bleed-throughs”. These are those areas wherein the energies of your reality do overlap with the energies of the lower astral planes. This then allows those on your plane to view those scenes being created for review by those on the astral plane.

That these seem (appear) to be the same scene replaying again and again, is not true, for in reality they are variations of the scene so that the reviewer may see all those permutations of how a particular scene may have been handled. The variations are so subtle that to those within the physical plane, do they appear the same.

Other occurrences that are common, are those of echoes (your term). For many do perceive the emotional energies left behind by those who did die or were extremely emotional in a particular location. The person leaving behind the echo may be “alive” (in your terms) but merely living elsewhere. However, the strongest echoes are those left by those people who were usually killed or died suddenly or who were tortured, or died from extreme measures such as burning, hanging, rape. Those are just a few of the occurrences that most often leave echoes.

Those in your reality will sense the anger, hurt, or pain and call it ghost, haunting or paranormal, when it is merely the residual emotions having embedded themselves into those object nearby the original incident. That this can be a house, barn, or other structure is true, but also can it be the ground itself, a tree or gravestone, boulder or other inanimate object.

Rarely do these echoes last beyond a decade or two, but there are extreme cases where the abuse was continued for long periods, and so does the echo then resonate for a millennia or more. Other times is there so much grief, hate, jealousy or other negativity created that this will also cause the emotional echo to last for many hundreds of your years.

Those places of internment and mass death during your World War II are such places, as are several of the castles within Europe and especially France and England.

True “hauntings”, if one would use that term, are those fragments so attached to physical life that they do not realize they are dead or do not wish to acknowledge that they are. That the etheric spirit remains behind in these cases is true. For the fragment does not wish to relinquish their hold on the physical. It might be just one place or one object that they refuse to release, or it might be the entire reality of physicality. Sometimes, they are so enamored of a particular person that they will attempt to remain with that person. To that end, will they sink cords into that person’s energy layers as a way of remaining within the physical realm. For by drawing on that other person’s energies, do they retain a semblance of contact more real with the physical plane than when purely astral. However, doing this (cording another) not only incurs karma, but can often increase the energy drain on the other person thereby leaving them vulnerable to illnesses or psychic attack.

If these types of cordings are not removed, they can actually cause the other person to weaken and die. That this then becomes a debt, is true, for they may have hastened the other person’s death by several years.

That astral beings do cord those on the physical plane on a regular basis, is not true. For most have no reason to do so, and most would see no purpose to it. It only prolongs the transfer of essence from physical to astral, and impedes the growth. Therefore, do only those unwilling to relinquish their physicality seek such a way to remain “human”. And then only with those they are trying to remain with, whether out of love (or what they think is love), or a misguided sense of loyalty, or the belief that they must protect this other person.

That cording between astral beings and physical beings is necessary for communication, is incorrect. For they need not link to your energies to make their presence known or their thoughts “heard”. Rather do they simply “flow” into your energy layers at least in part, for this creates only a moderate disruption and allows them to be easily “heard”. It does not create any “damage” to the auras or the physical body.

Primarily, is it their thoughts that they “project” into your aura and your mind so that they can dispense warnings, or reassurances.


5 thoughts on “What are ghosts, really?

    1. tasinator

      Yes and no. Ghosts–real ghosts–are simply very rare. What most people experience as ghosts is mostly strong emotional energy from some event that took place. And usually when they “see” something, it’s because they created it from the ether, from the energies around them.

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  2. Eyesore

    So, according to this souls or spirits don’t often (if ever) really hang around after they die. So, the shows like Ghost Busters and that are pretty much just drama hypes with no real substance.

    1. I would say that shows like that are primarily into the drama of the situation, the fear inducement of the situation, that’s what makes people watch them. As for other occurrences where people feel that their house is haunted or something, I would say (according to the answers here) that it’s primarily a sense of the left over emotional energies and maybe their own ability to create manifestations with their own psychicness. Mostly though, it’s just that emotional energies are so strong that people can feel or sense it.

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