Why is the thoracic chakra first?

Q:  Why do you always name the thoracic chakra as number 1, when everyone else starts at the base?

A:  We name the core as one for it is the connection to the life force energy. Without this connection the body would not live; without this connection, the body would not be.

Each connection serves a purpose and the purpose of the thoracic energy point is as the energy center. It gives the body life, animation.

The root chakra, that which we name as second, holds and channels the energies of the planet; whatever planet you dwell upon or within. It holds the body in place.

The base chakra, the third energy point, holds the energy of the akashic records. Within the base is all that you have been, all that you can be, and all that you currently are.

The heart chakra holds and channels the emotional energies experienced by the body. This is where the energies of empathy, sympathy, rage, and ecstasy emanate from.

The throat chakra is the communications center. Without this energy would you find it difficult to express yourself whether vocally, animatedly, or through the written word. This center is that which allows the energies to find a means in which to express your thoughts.

The third eye, the chakra of the forehead, is the connection between your physical brain or mind and your mental energies. This is your connection with the body through which thoughts are transferred to the body. You are energy, thought, light, and sound. You create ideas that pass through the physical brain via the third eye.

The crown chakra is your connection with the All. It is the distillation of all that you are, all that we are, all that is. Without this connection no one would exist.

We are all connected in this way, even those of us not incarnate in a physical world. We all have a connection with the All, and that means we all have connections with one another. Therefore, when naming the chakras, do we name the thoracic first, for without it would the body be inanimate.

The flow of energies is as a figure eight for there are lesser chakras that also help funnel and channel the body’s energies. One to each hip, one to each knee, one to each foot, one to each shoulder, one to each hand and elbow, and one to each temple.

The primary channels are those in the center, but the secondary channels are also important. Without them, is the energy flow interrupted. This can cause any number of malfunctions within the body. To balance the energies is it necessary to achieve balance at all the energy points. Without this alignment does the body, mind, emotions, and spirit suffer.


8 thoughts on “Why is the thoracic chakra first?

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  7. Hi,
    Thanks for the wonderful explanation.
    Sometimes, i feel like my thoraic chakra is blocked, and then i have to become aware of my breathing, and it goes away.
    Can you tell me why it happens, and what can i do to resolve it permanently?


    1. tasinator

      Some people express themselves through movement, and when they are especially emotional and unable to express themselves through motion (perhaps in an office setting where you can’t go for a walk; bang rhythmically on a desk, drum or some such; dance; or otherwise use motion to release the emotions), the energies back up in the thoracic area, which is also the center of movement for the body. That’s why rhythmic breathing, or even just noticing or concentrating on your breathing helps break up those energies. It’s obviously enough motion that it gets the center unblocked.

      To resolve it, you would need to make sure that you let yourself move when you need to. If you’re having a hard time trying to find the words to say what you need to, pace, or (if sitting) swing your leg, or count your breaths. If you’re angry or frightened, then (again) count breaths or pace, or something. But as long as you let the body move when it needs to, the thoracic chakra should remain more open.

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