What is self-karma?

Q: Can you please explain Self Karma?

A: Self-karmas are the imbalances that you create within yourself. If you decide to try skewing your body type perhaps making yourself abnormally tall, then you incur remarks and insults so that next time you may have an innate distrust or even dislike of those taller than average. This is an imbalance.

You may find yourself constantly paired with someone who is tall until you “learn” (or rather remember) that they are no different than anyone else except for their height.

That you chose the great height for the experience, but retained the negativity from the experience into the next life, is the imbalance. Therefore, do you force yourself into situations wherein you must confront those of great height until you no longer far or dislike them.

This is true of all self-karmas. For you would experience some aspect of life, but through that experience do you then develop an overage of disdain (fear) or liking of. Either way is unbalanced, and either way will cause you to work it through until a more medium position or more balanced position is found.

Perhaps you find that being tall is advantageous, so you continue to be tall. But this then causes you to feel sorry for or to pick on those shorter than you. Now must you either work with or be in close contact with those who are short, or many times do you take on the shortness in order to “force” yourself over your imbalance. Once short, do you either fight against it—wishing you were tall—or do you learn to accept it and understand the benefits it also offers.

Self-karmas can be any aspect of life that you create an imbalance about within yourself. If you decide you dislike babies, might you find yourself working with infants in several lives as essence goes through the rebalancing of that issue.

If you find yourself indulging in sweets too much and too often in one life, might you find yourself allergic to them in the next. It is simply essence’s way of achieving balance.


3 thoughts on “What is self-karma?

  1. Higgens

    So, according to this, my problems with my weight could actually be a self-imposed lesson because I couldn’t accept others who were heavy in one of my other lives?

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