Tell me about cynicism?

Q: I was told that my chief feature, or achilles heal, was cynicism. What can you tell me about cynicism?

A:  Cynicism robs you of your ability to care, for it curtails your emotions and allows them not to flow outward in a smooth continuous wave. But rather does it cause them to become more like a spiky spray, showering those around you with spikes and barbs.

Cynicism robs you of pleasure for it fills you with negativity and allows not the positive to flow as freely and as easily as it should. When an emotion is positive in energy, it flows outward in a wave, warming all those around you with its radiance. This, in turn, causes them to respond and you are then renewed with waves of warm and positive energies.

If, however, you release negativity, then the energies flow in reverse, filling first yourself then spiking outward to affect those around you. Because they fill your emotional center instead of flowing outward, there is no space for positive energies to fill your emotional center. To overcome these negative emotions, then, do you need to push them away, thereby allowing positive energies to again fill your emotional center; or you could assert yourself and turn the energies positive by overriding the negativity with your own positive flow. However, most do find the transitioning of negative to positive a difficult task. Therefore, do we recommend the pushing out of the negative energies so that those of a more positive nature can enter.

If allowed to remain in a negative state—that is, filled with those energies considered negative in conjunction to the overall flow of energies comprising the body—then will the more positive energies be rejected and the negative energies attracted. For although, opposites do attract, they are also unable to overcome the negative spin, and will therefore, either become negative, or become scattered and lost.

The more negative aspects of the emotions will begin to influence the entire body, and this can, in turn, create an emotional blockage. These blocks can, through their abrasiveness, create heart and circulatory problems in the physical form.

For those who have chosen cynicism as an attribute this is not such a problem. However, for many, this is not a chosen trait, but rather is it a reaction to certain events in the life. Moments of negativity are a way of life for those on the physical, and we understand that. It is only when it becomes habit that the body becomes imperiled. For by constantly resorting to a negative response, do you build upon the energy blockages that can (and often do) affect the physical body.

Compassion is a positive emotion, and allows the emotional center to open and extend the energies within toward those in need of understanding, love, and human touch. By opening yourself in this way, do you also allow others to extend their energies toward you. This is a positive exchange of emotional energies and can lead toward the souls actually embracing or interacting if the energies are strong enough.

Remember, that the positive flow of energies is an opening of the soul and the waves of energies flow out and away from you, embracing all those around you, before returning to you.

Negative emotions flow backwards—filling first yourself, then exiting your body and your aura in spiky barbs that cause others in your vicinity pain and discomfort. Once encountered, do they also return, bringing with them all the pain and discomfort felt by those around you. Thus, do the negative energies and positive energies feed upon those energies similar to themselves. For they bring back to you those responses encountered in the others around you.

Negativity creates pain and discomfort in others, and therefore when it returns to you creates more negativity, for you now feel the pain and discomfort along with the returned negativity.

Positivity creates warmth, compassion, and love in others, and therefore when it returns to you does it create more positivity, for you now feel the warmth, love and compassion along with the positive energies.

Only when the negative energies encounter someone whose own energies are strongly positive, strong enough to override the negativity that you have dispersed, will you receive warmth, love and compassion in return.

As in the adage of turning of the other cheek, do we show that you can return love despite the fact that someone has offered pain. However, since most do not think about their response, but simply respond at what you would term a “gut level”, the response to a negative outburst is most likely to be a negative one


2 thoughts on “Tell me about cynicism?

  1. cohenix

    “Negative emotions flow backwards—filling first yourself, then exiting your body and your aura in spiky barbs that cause others in your vicinity pain and discomfort…”

    is that why positivity is referred to as warm and fuzzy and negativity as being cold and prickly?

    Interesting post, thanks.

    1. While I’m not sure as to where those expressions came from, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it had a lot to do with what people experienced from those who were negative or positive emotionally.

      I’m glad you liked the post.

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