Akashic Records and the Collective Unconsciousness: Are they the same?

Q: Is the akashic records the collective unconsciousness that Jung was convinced existed?

A: In a sense; but Jung was tapping into the universal symbols of dreams, not the akashic records. He encountered many people who had similar dream experiences, using the same dream symbology, and so concluded that a universal unconsciousness existed somewhere “out there”. While his conclusion was close, it was based on erroneous information. For the universality of dreams and dream symbols is due to the need to convey information to the conscious mind while the body sleeps. To do that, it was found that certain symbols were best understood, remembered, and comprehended by the majority, so it was decided to use this library of symbols when conveying information to the conscious mind during sleep cycles.

Jung never encountered the akashic records, for he never willingly let go of his physical form. He feared loss of control and so did not seek beyond the transitional planes of reality. Within the transitional planes did he meet those who would coach and guide him, those of his own essence, and so did he gain insight and wisdom beyond that of those considered peers.

We see Freud as having great insights into the instinctive and sexual centers, for he was sexually centered—the sexual part of the intellectual center. This caused him to find sexual overtones to almost all things. So, while he was adept at recognizing those similar to self, he was not as adept as recognizing those outside his own narrow perspective.

While Jung’s awareness was that of early 4th cycle, Freud’s was early 3rd cycle and colored by much maya and a need to excel.

The awareness or perception of Jung, while wider than Freud’s, was still restricted by his need to conform and fit in with those of his peer group. We do not find this wrong or right, it simply is. However, his willingness to expand his awareness enough to think beyond the “normal” constraints was, and is, what has kept his philosophy and insights so popular. Those who also approach the 4th cycle find in his teachings a beginning, a starting, to the path that they now start to face. When one finds that others have also passed along the same path, it is easier to continue, even if those around you fail to understand or accept where it is you take your life. Always do we seek validation, and always is the validation easier to accept when it is someone respected and well-thought of.

Therefore, do many find the door that Jung opened easier to step through knowing that it was he who opened it.

(For more information on the akashic records, chakras, channeling, and other planes of existence, check out Michael on Channeling, Guides and Other Topics. For more information on dreams and dream symbology, read Michael’s Dream Symbols.)


2 thoughts on “Akashic Records and the Collective Unconsciousness: Are they the same?

  1. Frank

    This is really interesting information, but I’m kinda lost in regard to all the 3rd and 4th cycle stuff. Is there some sort of reference or something, maybe a glossary?

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