Why is there such an obesity issue?

Q: Can you give us any insights into the obesity problem in our country?

A: The obesity issue (in your country) is not a unique one. Many cultures have been and gone whose population reveled in or derided those who were corpulent. Your society places emphasis on an impossible to reach goal of beauty which includes the emaciation of the body. That this goal is reached only by a “treasured” few and only after much “sacrifice” is why it is so prized.

When food is scarce, then is the more corpulent form considered prized and appreciated for it means foraging and food is plentiful in your household. Again, things flow in an arc—going from extreme to extreme with stops at all stations along the way.

To consider another obese is to make judgments. Each person creates their own body image. If they desire to eat until their body shape is distorted from its balance point, then that is their choice. There are many reasons for overindulgence of any kind. Although with food there does seem to be a tendency to use it as a means of communicating or expression.

To express the sexual or creative energies that may be blocked, someone may over indulge in those foods they find pleasurable (in a guilty way)—“guilty pleasures” is the term most often used. Some would use food to assuage their inability or partially blocked communications centers. This would usually show in the choices being more of the “staples” type of foods, the meat and potatoes variety. A blockage of the emotional center usually is expressed through foods that have pleasing connotations or fond memories associated with them. If your mother makes the best pizza or pasta, then that is what you will over indulge in when the heart chakra is blocked.

Blockages in the mental or thinking centers will or can be expressed in an eschewing of food. A complete negation of the body’s need is ego’s way of coping with a blockage of the mental centers.

Spiritual center blockages rarely lead to over indulgence. Rather will those with this type of blockage eat only those foods deemed “healthy”, spiritually fit, and only in moderation or small, sparse meals.

Eating too little to maintain the body is as detrimental as eating too much. Both can, and often do, harm the body. Better is it to find that balance of nutrients that will sustain the body and follow that. Those with a fixation or blockage of the root chakra rarely eat, for they have lost touch with their humanity, their physicality. They are usually those who are in a coma and near death, for to lose or block your root chakra is to block essence from being completely connected to the form. This most often occurs just prior to death.

A blockage in the energy center (thorax) usually results in a slowing of the metabolism of the body and of essence. For without the energies flowing easily and unencumbered, does the body find it difficult to maintain any type of stamina. Therefore, eating becomes a pattern of binging and purging or eating and fasting. When the energies burst through, the individual fragment realizes hunger and so eats. When the energies again become blocked or stagnated, the fragment ceases to eat. If they are not in tune with their body, however, they may continue eating; resulting in lethargy and usually a weight problem, for the body cannot use all that is being given to it if the energy center is blocked.

To resolve any of these issues would require that the fragment have the affected center unblocked. This would then free the energies and increase the flow throughout the body. Again, these eating habits only apply if the fragment is not following the dictates of maya (habit or learned responses) and is, instead, following their reactions to their body’s “needs”.

By looking at how someone responds, can be an indicator of blockages, but it might also be an indication of habits deeply ingrained. Each body type has different needs in order to sustain it. Yet each fragment is free to use the body as they choose. While the solar body type can more easily overcome most over indulgences, it can, eventually, become obese if the over indulgences are continual and constant. Just as the Jupiter body type can, if starved, become thin and waif-like. However, when moderation in eating habits returns, the body types will, most times, revert to their “normal” appearance—solar to average and Jupiter to large—for that is how they were designed and that is how they function.

Body types and body weights and sizes are a result of the physical plane and of the choices each fragment makes. No one type, shape, or size is preferred in any cosmic way, all are equally valued and each will give the wearer a valid life experience.


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