The 4th Internal Monad

Q: Which of the internal monads is the hardest, and why?

Michael: Of all the internal monad’s the 4th internal monad is the most turbulent, but only because there is so much resistance to it. lt is frightening to throw aside all that you have grown accustomed to. It is difficult to go against everything you were taught. Most do not fully make it. For they will retain some enculturation rather than fully abandon the safety net they have grown so used to. Others will throw aside everything and revel in their new-found selves.

That these (those that fully expose their true personalities) seem like totally new people to themselves and others around them, is true. For in many aspects they are. They have thrown aside the learned fears, the learned responses, to become the person they originally chose to be. This is when chief feature becomes strongest, this is when the life goal and the life tasks fully take hold and begin to pull, if they have not already.

For now you face yourself, the self you chose before birth, and now with these overleaves and this true personality are you ready to explore. Most however, do not achieve full freedom, and will remain with approximately 30-40% enculturation for this feels safer to them than to break out of the easy life they face. We do not man that it is a life without problems or stress, but simply that it is a life without “thought” or self-evaluation. For they have already learned how to react, so do not care to struggle through another “learning” process. Fear holds them and they are comfortable within that known boundary.

Those fully manifested in their new self will seek a new life, while those only partially manifested will seek to change only some things, such as their spouses, where they live, or their career.

Those fully manifested within their overleaves will often leave everything behind. For none of it will accommodate who they are now, unless they acquired it while allowing their true self to “peek” through or if enculturation were not strong in them.

That the 4th internal monad is rough for those going through it is true, but also is it difficult for those around them. For they have no understanding of what is “wrong” or in how to make it better. Many relationships are destroyed at this time simply through misunderstandings and lack of comprehension about the process.

Those who are late 4th cycle through the 5th cycle do find it easiest to break through completely, but even some of them become immersed within the maya of their lives to such a degree that they cannot fully free themselves of their enculturation.

Sages and priests do have the most difficulty with this monad. For sages find the learned fears fulfilling of their need for drama, so do they cling to those that will garner them the most attention. Priests will cling to those fears and learned responses that abet the focus of the life. For if they believe their focus is on bettering the planet, then will they retain any of those learned fears that promote this goal.

Other roles will also retain fears and learned responses; however, they do not have as much difficulty seeing those fears and those responses for what they are.

Some situations also do not bode well for completing the 4th internal monad. For if one is unable to fully manifest the 3rd internal monad, will they rarely succeed in completing the 4th.

Again, the roles of sage and priest do have difficulty with this especially when coupled with chief features of martyrdom or self-destruction. For both tend to keep these roles from successfully completing the 3rd internal monad.

Kings rarely have difficulty with the first through the fourth internal monads. More do they have difficulty with that of review, as does the warrior.

Artisans are prone to become “stuck” in any of them, but the 4th least of all. Because they are very adept at ‘recreating” themselves, so they find the 4th internal monad just another “reason” to create a new and better self.

As to why the 4th internal monad is the most difficult, we would say Fear is why. None of us (even those of us not on the physical plane struggle with fears, but of a different type than yours) wishes to confront our fears Yet in order to break free of the learned responses, must you face many fears—will the parents like what you are striving to be? Will society approve? Will the spouse still love you? Will you still love the spouse? and on and on. Sometimes it is easier to remain within the cocoon of false personality than to confront all of those fears. This is not wrong or right, it is simply one of the choices that each of you faces.

Those fully free from false personality rarely stay with those they started out with. Primarily because those were relationships, commitments, and undertakings started when they were under false personality and one of those relationships or undertakings suit or fit them anymore. Therefore, will they leave—change careers, cities, mates, everything. Most changes are less drastic, because although they will break free, they will retain 30-40% of their learned responses. Thus will they only change careers, or spouses, but not their entire life.

What also makes it so difficult, is that you nor the ones around you fully understand what it is that is happening, why it is that you struggle so. Therefore, does the stress of wondering what is wrong with you also compound the experience into something powerful and overwhelming.

Many will try psychiatry and while we do not disdain or judge this profession, it holds little help for those within the throes of the 4th internal monad.

Mainly because psychiatrists do not recognize the issue so cannot coach anyone as to what to expect nor how best to cope with it. Rather do they give platitudes of “…suffering too much stress” or “just give it time”, and while these may be true, to a degree, they are not the answer.

Better would it be were someone to advise those going through the 4th internal monad to seek inward for their answers, for that is where they can find the answers to why their life seems to be so tumultuous. It is also where they would find the means to quiet some of their stress. For they would see where it is they needed to go in their life, and how best to break through some of the fears that hold them now in thrall.

However, since many will not or fear to look inward, will the 4th internal monad continue to be the most tumultuous and troublesome lesson that you experience on your own.


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