How do I make wiser choices?

Q: You said once that “…Information helps you make wiser choices…” How do I access the information from myself to help with these choices? How do I actively remember past experiences where lessons learnt may be pertinent to the decisions now? In the past, I have just asked my guides for it, or for help, and either I get the information I need, or my life just seems to “fall into place”.

Answer: Those who would access or “remember” their own “records”, their own experiences, whether from the life of the fragment they are now, or from other fragments of self, need to gather about themselves their energies. We mean they need to retire to a place wherein the body is comfortable and feels safe and secure, then do they need to shift their focus from the here and now to the two most southern chakras. For within those two energy centers will they find those memories most pertinent to the events of the current life.

That the questioner has asked the guides for assistance in this endeavor is fine, for it is her choice whether to seek the information for self or to rely on other s assistance. Neither is better than another; all or any is sufficient if the questions asked are answered.

When one is unaccustomed to working with guides, however, then do they need to seek within their own energies for the answers. For each fragment, each person, carries within their own “record” of emotional experiences.

To look within the root is to find those experiences that have taught you–the whole you (essence and ego), that living near water is dangerous (this could be because in several lives you drowned), or that darkness should be feared (perhaps because in darkness were you murdered, raped, or mauled by wild animals), so it causes the body and physical mind to react in ways of fear. That is, either the mind creates such an extreme block of fear that you would not conceive of moving near any water, or does the body create a reaction whether in the form of hives, bloating, sneezing, wheezing, or other what you call allergies.

To observe the base, will you find those pasts that have some impact on the current life. We see a need for security in a relationship because those pasts most prominent show abandonment and desertion by those trusted and/or loved. Therefore, will the predominant fear/need most often be reflected in the base with those pasts “showing” why the fear/need is so predominant. So, always are those previous experiences that have a direct influence on the current life most prominent in the base and root. That those in the root most often show themselves as mental fears or physical form reactions is true–what you call phobias and allergies. Whereas those from the base do show in both the types of situations in which you continually find yourself as well as in the way you respond/react to those situations. For many will they find themselves repeating the same fear-driven response over and over, until they can finally recognize or realize what and why they do act in that manner. At that time will they then adjust the behaviour to one that is different. We will not say better, for all responses are right for what they are, but some are more fear-driven then others. This is each fragment s choice. For they can respond through fear or love or any variation thereof.

Therefore, whether one asks the guides or seeks within on their own, the answers are there if you truly wish to find them.


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    Greetings from Switzerland

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