Why are hauntings cold?

Q: Why is cold always associated with ghostly manifestations and hauntings?

Answer: Those that would manifest themselves within the physical plane while remaining discarnate must create a portal or vortex where the energies are compatible in order to manifest themselves. Therefore, do they increase the frequency (heighten, speed up) of the physical plane area where they wish to manifest so as to merge their energies (with the physical plane energies).

By lowering their own frequencies and raising the frequency within an area of the physical plane, can they then create a physical presence. This may be in the form of them moving a physical object, or creating disturbances such as winds or sounds.

Rarely do those wanting to manifest create a visual presence, but it is possible given enough focus and enough connection between the plane where they are and the physical plane.

Cold is the result of the faster frequency, therefore do those on the physical plane notice and observe a lowering of the temperature at that point of connection. That this is most often done by those within the astral planes is true, but only because they, more than others on the other planes, still seek interactions with those still incarnate. While true hauntings (what you – all of you) call hauntings are rare, still there are occurrences of such. But also are there instances where those incarnate are so focused on observing a haunting that they themselves create the link by raising the vibratory frequency of the air around themselves, thereby creating the cold.

That this is not a true haunting is true, however, it is a manifestation of focused will.


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