Can you state the order of the chakras?

 Question:  Can you restate the order of the chakras for us?

Answer:  Of the chakras, once again will we indicate that they are the thorax center (chest below the closed ribs). This is the energy center and vital to all living physical things. The second is the root and it is located near the belly button. It is the monitor for the body, preventing (if it can) anything untoward from happening to the physical form. The next is the base. This is located an inch or two below the sexual organs, and is the creative center for all physical beings. The fourth is the heart. Located near the heart, it is the emotional center and healing center. Next is the throat. This center is located mid-neck and is the communications center. The sixth is located at the juncture of nose and forehead, and is often referred to as the third eye. This is the intellectual center. The tao is located one to two inches above the top of the head, and is the spiritual center. This is the link to all–to all other realities, planes, essences, entities, all.


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