How accurate was Edgar Cayce?

Q:  I’m curious about Edgar Cayce, since he predicted that a future seismic event would see the emptying of the Great Lakes into the Gulf of Mexico. What was the accuracy of Cayce’s predictions in general? Cayce also said that knowledge of the Atlantis civilization would be found in a hidden chamber deep underground beneath the sphinx. Now the other night I saw a special where they have found a chamber 100 ft. under the sphinx with tunnels leading off from there, but no sign of the records…

Michael:  (Edgar Cayce) We see this as having been a late 2nd cycle scholar with an intense need to assist due to his chief feature of martyrdom. He is now early 3rd, with a chief feature of stubbornness in the moving part of the emotional center with a goal of dominance in the aggression mode. He struggles with words and learning, yet is highly proficient in several musical disciplines. For he is a regular “virtuoso” of the violin and piano. However, he is looked upon as slightly retarded due to his moving emotional centering. For it inhibits his ability to communicate well through anything other than his music. Located in England, he is adapting well to his new life.

As Edgar Cayce, did he communicate with those of the mental plane. For they would give to him the information regarding health and well-being. For those instances when the akashic records were accessed, did he still rely on those contacts from the mental plane to gather for him the information. That his perceptions were limited by his 2nd cycle awareness created within him a need to identify the teachers as angels or God. For the 2nd cycle could understand no further than that.

Of those readings for health and well being, do we see a 97% rate of accuracy, for he was and is very knowledgeable in the ways of the human body. However, for these other readings do we grant him only 90% accuracy. However, the questions asked are based on statements made by one who dwelled within a timeline not populated by those here now, nor did it contain those choices made from that now to this.

What he followed was the most predominant probability at that moment, however, with the multitudes of choices made, has that probability shifted. For no longer do we see a complete inundation of the Eastern seaboard, though we do see some of those more southern shores becoming inundated by the rising tides and oceans. No longer is there a massive destruction of the western shores, though the quakings will continue–some harsh and others not so harsh. Also is there no world annihilation. For although those of the non-Christian faiths still do resent those of the west, there is not the overwhelming desire to destroy the planet in order to destroy those who are not of their “god” (whomever they may designate as their “god”).

The path most predominant now is that of mild (compared to those described by the 2nd cycle scholar) to moderate Earth/global changes, and minor to moderate climatic changes, and mild to moderate political changes. For the sweeping changes first foreseen are no longer wanted or needed, at least within this timeline, and so have they been “altered” based on the choices made.

Like large stepping stones, this now has a past based on “stepping” towards moderation, whereas another continues along the path first described by that artisan Nostradamus and then by the scholar Cayce. Although, even the scholar’s perceptions of the probability had become subdued from that of the artisan’s.

Your timeline is very much based upon moderation and balance. This is another reason as to why the Infinite Soul would manifest within it. For it is one of those nows nearest the mid-point, thereby making it easier for them to restore the balances that are sought.

You inquire as to Atlantis, and we state that within this now and following this timeline, is there no manifestation of that reality. Atlantis existed, yes, but not as part of this timeline in which you reside. That “proof” will be found is not true (for your now). For although all those indications of a prior civilization are real, they are part of a civilization that existed not apart from the others, but as one of them.

That many of what you call islands within that area called the Caribbean were once one land is true. What is not true is the myth perpetuated that they were decadent, super-advanced in technologies or sciences, or subject to the wrath of god. They were an emerging people who farmed, raised livestock, fished, and traded goods with those of Greece and England and Norway. They had small villages and one larger city. That they prized knowledge and arts and peaceful relations, is true. For they were primarily scholars, artisans, and servers. They were one of those developing and proliferating from the original seven. For seven colonies were created/planted/seeded, but only four flourished. That they (from that land in the Caribbean) eventually scattered is true. For when their landmass became smaller masses due to volcanic, seismic, and climatic changes, did they migrate. Most created new “homes” within those areas of the Yucatan and northern South America, while others went to what is now Mexico and the southwestern US. Some went eastward, but those that did rarely made landfall. For the weather, currents, and tidal flows were disadvantageous to traveling that direction, due to all the changes. Those that did make landfall eastward, were mostly enslaved, for they no longer had items of trade and those peoples eastward were more kings, warriors, and priest who thrived more on conquering rather than peace. To the west were there few peoples, and those that were there, were not well organized. Therefore, did most go westward creating new colonies and new villages. Others remained upon  the broken shores of those fragments that had been their home.

That the chamber beneath the pyramid shows insights into that civilization is not true. For they did not exist at that time, having long been scattered or dead. What exists within that which those called Ancient Egyptians rebuilt, is merely another chamber wherein the true king or monarch resides. For those placed within the top chambers were merely “decoys”. For they feared greatly the disturbance of their final resting place, and so would they create false chambers complete with body and wealth so as to hide that which was most precious.

That the pyramids were created by those called Ancient Egyptians is not true. For they merely rebuilt and “remodeled” the original structures that they “found” abandoned. For by the time of their growing culture, had the originators of those structures been gone for many millennia. For the structures were created as part of a cultural center and within were there many floors/levels constructed of wood, not Earth or stone. And within those structures was there much interaction and learning. For each level would be used for either a class or workshop. Some were for artisans creating pottery or jewelry or writing music or stories. Others were for the teaching of philosophies, reading, writing, and the exchanging of ideas. For that was the nature of that society. But as the climate changed and the years went by, the civilization there grew either stagnant or filled with a desire to move. So did some become nomadic, moving away, while others stagnated and watched their culture fade away. Those of the land then named Egypt, did decide to use those pyramidal structures but not as places of learning. But rather as places of honor and power. First as temples and places of “power” where those called priests could wield their control over all others, then later did they (the buildings) become places of honor in which those considered deities were hidden once they had succumbed to the ravages of being mortal.

That the sphinx was a creation of these same peoples is true. For they did honor the lion which they pronounced the mightiest in their realm. That it was used for anything other than a place of worship by them is not true. For it was the center of their society and so held in great esteem. Those of Egypt, who you call ancient, did usurp this structure as they did the pyramids. For they, too, felt its “power”, for the size of it was enough to intimidate. That they were a controlling race is true. For their whole society was based upon the need to control — the climate, the crops, the people, and all that they saw. That the structure was “defaced” is partially true. For the winds and sands did destroy in part, that portion of the lion’s visage. So it was that the ruler of Egypt at that time decided to immortalize self by having his face placed upon that monument. That those of Egypt used this structure for many purposes is true. For it was a place of the dead, where the mummification was done, and the deceased aided upon their way by those worshippers of the Anap. Also was it a chamber for cruelty, where those convicted of egregious sins were tortured to death. That the lower chamber was once that used by those who would keep contraband from those of the royal court is also true. For there were many tumultuous times during their civilization and included were those times when those of the ruling houses were in conflict with those of the priests and rulers of the temples. That this lower chamber also held those prisoners whose existence could not be revealed is also true, for in the politics for power, many with power were “disappeared” as though by the god’s wishes. That the chambers (upper or lower) existed in the original structure, is not true. For it was but a place of worship, not a place of conspiracy.

We use the term hidden, for it is true. Those found and considered the remains of those once kings, are not as they would seem. For the true remains lie hidden within chambers uncovered.

We speak of Rome and Greece, but we speak of a time eons before your recorded history. For there existed civilizations upon those shores so named even before those you know as Greeks (ancient or modern) and Romans. For that known now as Italy was called by other names in different pasts. That which you call Atlantis existed not, for there was no land or culture with that name. However, we do suspect that the civilization that once dwelled within that region now called Caribbean is what your myths and legends would refer to. You have no concept of the symbols used at that time to express the name they gave to self, for the name reflected more their art and culture rather than just their language.


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