How many timelines are there?

Q: How many time lines are there on Earth? And if I’m primarily focusing my incarnations on one timeline, do I have to progress through it in linear order or can I have a life time in the 20th century followed by one in the 14th century? Do most fragments hop around between different time lines for their incarnations? Do the versions also go to a variety of different timelines?

Michael: The number of timelines available at any particular now is never constant. For timelines end and others begin. The timelines are created by those participating in the physical plane, and are then maintained and “directed” by those participating within them. Each fragment selects a timeline based upon the lessons and experiences they want to have. For if they wish to learn about racial disharmony, then would they select a timeline and a now wherein the racial instability was quite pronounced. They might choose to be within the now of Texas when those of the Ku-Klux-Klan were most powerful and those of the darker skin were very vulnerable. Then they see or experience racial disharmony.

If they would participate in civil unrest, might they select the now wherein any of the peasants overthrew or attempted to, their governments, whether it be Paris, or Russia or Watts. All are valid. So rarely will a fragment follow one timeline from beginning to end. More is it a selection of that now because it fulfills the desires, needs, and choices. If you wish to rectify much karma and all those you need to interact with are opting for a particular timeline, then so will you. There are many variables considered by most fragments before the decision of when and where is made. Some will simply “grab” the first agreement they can, simply because they wish to return as quickly as possible. But most are quite willing to spend some thought in developing their next “character” and their next “play”. That is not to say that a fragment cannot be orderly and begin on one timeline in a now of 2BC and continue in that timeline progressing to 2AD, 1200AD, 1700, etc. It is always the fragment’s own choice. But most do opt for more variety.

That the questioner is one who has “jumped” timelines many times is true. For she manifests wherever and whenever she can develop the most insights. That you (all of you) can have more than one fragment within the same reality/timeline is true, but **rarely** do they share the same now. Most often will one be within a now either “earlier” or “later” than another.

Since a “version” is created only when a choice is made by a fragment participating within a set reality, then will those versions always be in copies of that fragment’s reality. For up until the point of the choice, all will remain the same. Then after the choice will one continue having the memory of deciding No, while another manifests with a memory of having said Yes. That all memories to that point will be identical is true, for they are merely those manifestations of the possibilities created by the choices. The you that you recognize as self, follow one possibility, while other you’s follow all other possibilities that the choice(s) engendered. Therefore, for them, their path continues straight from past to now, just as does yours. All are equal.

When all versions of self have completed their “possibility”, their life, do they re-integrate into the fragment, who again must decide on a character, a play, and a setting. So, if the fragment dwells within a reality of 1990’s America, all versions of that fragment do so, too. For that is how it works. However, if the fragment starts in Europe 1670, then the versions will also be within that reality when created. The version will not be created in a reality other than that occupied by the fragment. For the choices occur within that reality, and must be followed within that reality.

That one has to remain within the time line being experienced now is not true. For if upon the decision to re-incarnate you do not find the circumstances or situations compatible with what you would experience within that previous time line, do you merely choose to try another.

There is no “rule” that states you must even consider your “old” time line for your next incarnation. Where you go, as well as “when” you go, is your choice, which you should make based on those experiences you would have, and with whom you would “share” your world. For if all those you would make agreements with do not wish to partake of the reality you have selected, do you still have the choice to proceed, thereby meeting “new” fragments and creating “new” friends and new agreements, or you can follow along to where the others, with whom you are already familiar, would go.

Each reality/time line has its own “rules” and its own structures, and its own uniqueness. It may be exactly like the one in which you dwell now, except there is no history of a war in the 1940’s. Or it could be varied by something as minor as your young priest, Nixon, never having been “forced” from office by his own greed.

All realities are always available to you. You can cycle through a continuous time line or not—it is your choice.