What are the Akashic Records?

Q: What are the akashic records, really? Is it really some giant book of everything that everyone has ever done?

Michael: We see the akashic records as being those energies created by all of us in which the plans/outlines of the lives (physical and non-physical) are “written”. These “records” can be more accurately described as those energies imbued by each of us with those “memories” of each experience, whether that experience is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

When you select another life—physical or not—you leave a bit of yourself (your essence) “behind”. This energy contains a mosaic of information which pertains to the templates, choices, and lessons you have determined for self. That each of these must be met is not true, but each of these is something that essence would like to meet (experience). Because all time is now, it appears to you (on the physical) that when you view the energies that some of the lives are completed, while others are not. This is only because you understand time to be linear instead of instantaneous. Therefore, you see past lives, future lives, and current life, while we see all lives occurring now.

The akashic records contain more than just the outlines; they also contain the actual “memory” of all actions and choices taken. This is the part of you that holds all memories of each part of you—each fragment and version of you. It is not monitored or watched over, it is there for anyone (with permission) to view. While you could view your own record easily, you could only view another’s if they have agreed to let you do so.

The fragment that was Edgar Cayce had permissions to see many of the records, for he had agreements to heal many of those that came to him. To do this, he needed not only to view the physical and ethereal bodies, but also to review the various lives that the fragment was involved in. For the “pasts” (as you perceive them) do affect the current life. Therefore, did he need access to more information than was contained in their root chakra. While the information within the root would aid him in locating just those bits of information that he would need, it was the akashic records that would give him the details that he needed in order to understand the interactions and therefore the problems plaguing those who sought his aid.

To access your own portion of the akashic records would you need to follow the thorax and heart chakras, for they would lead you to those “recordings” of all that you are. Each person has this information available to them, but few remember how to access it, or care to know. To locate another’s records, would you follow their crown and heart chakras to their records. However, this cannot be done without their explicit permission, for all contact with another’s crown energies are highly intense, and can easily disrupt your own energy frame.

The crown energies are those linking you to the Tao, and so does it appear as almost pure energy. To touch another’s crown is to disrupt their life force, and at the same time, does it disrupt your energies also.

Liken it to placing your hand within a chamber filled with lasers and hurricanes. The force of both will tear the physical you apart, while the underlying force will tear open your own energy fields, leaving you vulnerable to other disruptive energies.

To follow another’s links to their records, do you need to do so without interrupting the flow of energies. This is not always easy, and great care must be used.

The crown links everyone, yet it also separates us, for you (all those physical) especially are separated by your very being (your physical forms). So, while the energies flowing through and around us all is similar, it is also unique. For each of us has created our own imprint of uniqueness within ourselves. It is this uniqueness that separates us and keeps us apart.

Rather than imagining a book, see a flowing river. Now, see the “water” within that river as bands of color, and each shade of every color represents a different essence. Within those shades, within that one essence, might be a million fragments, and each of those fragments is living thousands of lives (physical or not). Each essence (and every fragment of that essence) feeds a part of their energy into that river, inscribing their experiences and their lessons into the flow. The purpose of this inscription is simple—for those who do not wish to partake of a particular experience or lesson, can they access the information and experiences immersing themselves within that flow until they experience every nuance and every action and reaction that those who originally had the experience felt and had.

While the river is being fed, no one except those with your permission, can access your part of the river. However, once you no longer add to a particular current of the river, then can others delve within and see or experience what you saw and experienced.

You, as the individual you are now, live. Therefore, as this individual, do you feed a particular stream or current of the overall river. When you cease to be the physical being you are now, will you cease to feed that particular stream or current. Therefore, will that portion of the river be available to those who would see what the fragment that was you did and experienced, or, if they immerse themselves within that particular stream, can they experience all that you did. They do not need to be physical, for they can experience your entire life. Just as they can experience the life of others such as Napoleon or Queen Anne or even Jack the Ripper. For these are lives that no longer feed the river, therefore are these streams available to those who would seek them.


3 thoughts on “What are the Akashic Records?

  1. Charlee

    So, are you saying that anyone can look up information in these records? Even me? How? Is there someone who can show me and others how?

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