Can you really make yourself invisible?

Q: I just read a book by Mercedes Lackey called Burning Water and in it they talked about someone masking their energies, or making themselves invisible by changing their aura somehow. Can someone make themselves invisible by shifting their auric energies?

Michael: What you term “making yourself invisible” is truly the masking of your energies. You shift your energies to a frequency that blends with the “noise” of whatever background you are in, thereby making it difficult to discern you as an individual.

That people can do this while enveloping their conveyance (such as a bus, automobile, or boat) is true, for you encapsulate the conveyance within your aura then blend the energies together with those of the other drivers around you. This is both good and bad, as it leaves you vulnerable to their emotions and emotional reactions, but it does lend you a certain amount of “invisibility”. Because your energies now mimic their own, they do not always perceive that someone is there, and so do attempt to move into the lane where you are, unaware that you are there, or why others will attempt to sit in a chair already occupied. It is also why most will have a very startled look upon their faces when you release the energy blinders and make them aware of you.

The release can be an actual release of the blending that you have done, or it can be an abrupt horn blast. The horn blast especially does create a confusion, for it appears (to them) to come from nowhere. It is only after the noise is made are they then able to see beneath the blending that you have created to perceive that something is there. Even then, however, they cannot clearly see you. For unless you release fully the energies of those around you and return to showing just your own energies, do they only see a shadow or a blurred image of something or someone.

As in the book you did read, it is true, that when you pull other energies into your own, you give the impression of being other than who you are. While physically you do not change, the perception given to those who perceive you at all is of someone different than who you truly are.

It is indeed, one reason why witnesses will describe different events—for each sees based on their own perceptions the actions and reactions of those events. If you were to blend your energies with your surroundings, and enter into a business establishment with the attitude of one who belongs, most would take little notice of you. Of those that did, might they all see someone slightly different than who you truly are. For by pulling in those energies around you, do you bend the image created by you and perceived by them.

A true con-artist is one whose energies are so flexible as to make them truly indistinguishable to those who interact with them. You may see an old man, and while they enhance that image with make up and false hair pieces, they also create an image within their aura (energies) that is picked up by you and creates within you the perception of age, senility, helplessness, or other attributes.

The energy can be opened and an image laid into it, that, if strong enough, will hide the true image of the person from those looking. The danger of this, is that those pushing forth the image that they want others to perceive, can (and sometimes do) find themselves believing in the image that they have created.

We do not mean to say that your image is no longer your own; however, your image is perceived by others differently than it is perceived by you, for they will find that their perception—which is created through a combination of physical and auric input—is uncertain when tested. While speaking with you, or observing you, might they believe that you are 50-ish, brown-haired, matronly, and dull-witted, but once you leave and they are questioned by someone else, they will most likely find their impressions unclear and uncertain. Suddenly, they are not sure whether your hair was brown or blonde, long or shoulder length, and whether you were short or average height. This is because that while speaking with them, you projected an image that you wanted them to “see”, while at the same time their eyes and ears gave them different input.

This conflicting input then, leaves them confused and unclear as to who and what you really are. However, this only works if your interactions are brief and only if you contact them once or perhaps twice. More than that, and it becomes easier for them to filter through the false energy signatures to the true person beneath.

Those who would present a false persona for a longer period, must also be prepared to manipulate the other person’s energies so as to convince them of their sincerity and honesty. While this may require cording them, some amount of pushing forth a false image is also required. However, the image must appear as true. This means that the person pushing forward the false image of themselves must truly believe in the persona they put forth. If they doubt the image that they present, this doubt is perceived by those around them and the falseness of their image can then be perceived.

If you believe in the image presented, then the energies presented will appear open and honest, displaying high, bright tones, with a clarity of color and feel. If you have doubts or fail to believe in the image portrayed, then the energies will be darker, less clear, and the tones will resonate poorly. This then creates a doubt, an unease, in those you speak or meet with, and they will begin to peer more closely at the image put forth in the energies and many will begin to see to the truth beneath that image.

Always do those who project doubt and unease into their energies, engender those with whom they deal to peer more closely at the individual, for they, too, will feel the discord in the energies.

Within the auric energies are those images, those perceptions, that you wish others to know. While you may not indicate hair color or stature, you do indicate attributes such as honesty or guilelessness by how open or closed your auric energies are. Also can you alter the resonance of your own auric energies so as to generate a different persona. If warrior, can the traits of this role be covered so that those interacting with you might perceive a scholar or server. 

Therefore, when the warrior without disguise is encountered, is the person overlooked, for they do not “feel right”, and they do not fit the overall composite that is created through the physical and auric image.

If done well, the energies are clear, the tones true, and the colors resonating to the role and attributes that the individual wishes others to see. If done inexpertly, or only partially, then is the energy less clear, and the colors and tones less true. In such an instance, might the person encountering them, then, be confused as to who they are dealing with, or less confident or trusting in the person with whom they are meeting.

If done with confidence, then will those they encounter feel better, even if the energies are not fully aligned or completely “transformed”. For the openness of the energies caused by the confidence and belief of the one pushing forth that false image of self, will overcome many of the doubts of those they interact with.

Scholars do make some of the best con artists, simply because they find it the easiest to shift their energies. By being the neutral role, do they have the greatest range of flexibility with their energies. They can more easily bend their energies to mimic to those of a king, warrior, or priest, or even server and sage. Artisans are a little more difficult to mimic, even for scholars, for they have a very fluid and quicksilver aura. The casting, too, makes a difference, for scholars with a warrior casting will find it very easy to create the illusion of a warrior, while those with a sage casting will find the sage role easiest to mimic.

To mimic another role is not in and of itself karmic engendering; however, if the mimicry is used to abrogate the choices of another, then a karmic bond will be created. To mimic those around you in order to create a shield of “invisibility”, is not something that will create an imbalance. Many do it without conscious thought, for always do you seek to preserve your self, and if mimicking those around you can ensure that safety, then will you do it.

If you were to find yourself in a place where all were of a particular race and ethnicity other than yours, might ego seek to push forth a false image by shifting the auric energies. This would create in others the perception that you do belong, that you are not out of place. However, if you feel out of place, and retain little self-confidence, then the shift of energies will not create the safety that you seek. Instead, it may only anger those around you as they perceive someone who they think mocks them. Their perception, while influenced by your energies, is not dictated by it, just as their choices are not. For while they may seek to ignore you or frighten you in retaliation for mocking them, might they also seek to harm you for much the same reason.


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