Waves of Energy

Q: I was reflecting on how all of life seems to be in a “wave-form” of higher or lower frequency. I am especially interested in what happens when these “waves” encounter each other, intersect, etc.

Michael: We spoke briefly about waves and some of their flow patterns when we touched on the topic of string theory. Being of light and sound, or of the purest of energies you can barely conceive of, do we all flow on “pulse” outward from the Tao. Each of us is, in our purest form, a type of waved energy. Therefore, anything we do – think or create – is another wave flowing outward from ourselves.

Imagine a lake on a windless day. It is mirror still without a ripple. Then drop a large boulder into the middle of it. All those waves generated would be the same as all the waves generated by the Tao as each of the realities—physical plane, mental, causal, etc. – are created. Then have the sky drop rain in drops onto the lake. Those thousands of millions of ripples are the waves created by each of you and us, by everyone, as we live our lives.

Your thoughts are waves that flow outward from you. Sometimes they impact another’s thoughts, and the ripples all flow with equal intensity, and equal frequency between the swells and dips and you find that both of you have like minds, and like thoughts. At other times will your wave of thoughts crash into another’s and the ripples distort and break apart for you both have opposing thoughts.

This also happens on a larger scale, too. For the choices of an entire population of one nation can clash with the population’s thoughts of another nation. This then creates a vortex of discordance. The discordant energies make those affected by them uneasy. Negative poles usually get pushed into play and very often wars erupt.

On a larger scale yet, can the outward flow of energies from the Earth reach one of the other populated regions of the physical plane. If the wave of energies is not “compatible”, again, could it result in a discordant atmosphere. However, each galaxy is surrounded by a “bubble” of neutral energies. This keeps the outward flow of energies from your world from impacting another world in a negative manner.

* * *

Waves or flowing motions do describe the way in which all of life is seen by us. For we see ourselves at the baser level than do you. When we say that we are light and sound, we do mean that in a literal sense. And since light and sound do “travel” in terms of waves, then yes, waves is a very apt description.

Your world—the Earth—is comprised of layers of wave-like energies that flow both inward and outward—moving through each other yet neither breaking apart nor “scattering” as your scientists would believe.

For the flow of both inward and outward energies also contain all 3 energy types—neutral, positive, and negative. Since like attracts like, will those areas similar stall, creating a “fluctuation” or variance in the way in which the reality is perceived. It may seem that the gravitational force—which is a reality only within the physical plane and not a true “force” at all—may not “flow” properly. Or your radio or television waves may break down, or it could result in what you term “dead areas”, where electrical forces seem to be dampened.

These are few, for the magnetic grid lines – ley lines, as you term them – do also work to keep the flow steady and even. Also are there grid points—north, south, exact east and exact west—forming a cross or plus sign, that bisect the planet and also work to keep the energies flowing in a steady and balanced manner.

The moon also has inward and outward flowing rings of energy comprised both of magnetic energies, as well as the “living” energies that comprise all things. The balance of its energies is within the Earth’s energies, and that is what holds it within the “orbit” of your planet. For the moon is still within the “bubble” of energies that comprise your world. You call it a gravitational pull, but it is truly the inward and outward flow of the planet itself.

Other planets within your solar system, have a stronger flow so do they “hold” more moons within their flow. There is nothing random to the flow. It is very organized and very modulated. The other planets eixist because you (all of you) wanted them to, and because they were used as “test” locations for the creation of the sentient species that now inhabit the Earth. Different types of atmospheres and body types were eventually discarded, proving themselves to be not adaptable enough.

These energy waves also encircle each of you. That you call them auras is true, but they are energy capsules which flow outward and inward from your central core—your essence. They flow out and touching other beings or objects, do they then flow back, carrying with them the information of what they encountered. Most (of you) no longer acknowledge the data that is carried within and upon the waves of your own energies, having become too immersed within the maya of physical life. However, those that do, will often find much valuable information. For this is how one can tell what another truly thinks/feels about them, or the situation. Or how another is physically (fit or ailing, and if ailing, how and where). This is how you “instantly” recognize each other if past lives were shared or astral meetings held. For the energies mesh—for less than a nano second—then flow back with a million bits of information scattered throughout. If an instant dislike is felt, it is because the energies are incompatible, for the other person may have a vibratory rate wherein the outward and inward flow are reversed or much faster or slower than yours causing the waves to “crash” into each other rather than flow through one another and back in an easy “liquid-like” motion.

This, then, will cause you to back up, retreat, or eye someone with distrust, for their energies disrupt yours.

When energies flow together, can you also leave part of yourself behind. This usually occurs when two or more choose to be friends, co-workers or even lovers. For then will you leave part of yourself with them, and they, part of themselves with you—what we have called cording.

The outward and inward flow now includes this other person as if they were a moon “caught” in your orbit. If the experience is shared, then will they also loop their outward and inward flow around you. So now both of you have extended the orbit of your energies to include each other. That this also allows you to “locate” each other easily is true. For you could simply acknowledge the information brought back by the inward-flowing energies to know where they are and what they are feeling at the moment.

Those of a different vibratory rate—or flow-rate, if you will—may “abrade”. That is, you may find that your flow does not match nor is compatible with theirs, and so you are uncomfortable in their presence, as they are in yours.

The flow-rate—the speed at which your energies flow in and out—is determined not just from your—for if that were all, we would all be the same. After all, the Tao has only its own flow rate. No, the flow rate is determined by your role in essence, your overleaves, your pasts, your current life, and present location, as well as by how many are within your frequency (orbit). For if you have no other within your frequency (orbit) then you have a clear frequency. If, however, you have a mate and children, then will your flow rate (or frequency) be affected by their flow rate.

Also, does your location affect your flow rate. For as we have explained, temperature in the physical world, does affect your physical bodies, and this then affects your energies which affects your flow rate.

Now all this has been under ideal circumstances, with no choices or thoughts being directed by anyone. If we add in choices and allow thoughts and intentions, do the patterns of the flow also vary and change. For if you are being meditative and inwardly contemplative, will there be more inward flow to your energies and will the overall capsule of energies “shrink”, by pulling inward closer to the physical form.

If the thoughts and activities are focused outward—running a race or planning a business conquest—then will the outward flow be more pronounced. This forces the engorgement of the energy capsule and weakens the “bubble”. For if stretched outward with little inward motion, will the energies “thin” and the body (physical) become more exposed and prone to injury or illness.

For the energies to be scattered, would one need to encounter either another’s energy that is so opposite their own and much more forceful, that it simply “shatters” their flow, or would one have to become so unfocused that there is no longer a coherent pattern to the flow.

While artisans can appear “scattered”, their energies are still following the same flow pattern (inward and outward) as everyone elses. When we mean scattered, do we mean one whose personality no longer functions. The body barely subsists, and by all appearances, there is “no one home”. This is a shattered or scattered energy. For essence has lost focus and the energy flow has become erratic.

That essence can return focus, is true, but most times if focus is that lost, it is due to circumstances that will not be reconciled and the choice was made to abandon the body.

When someone attempts to transcend the body deliberately—what you call an out of body experience—they are pulling the energies into a tight spiral that is so focused that very little remains surrounding the physical form. Rather, does the energy all surround the core of you, leaving the physical form as if just another within the orbit of your energies. This is why most would “see” only a small thread leading to the body. For the flow of energies has been diverted away from the body physical.

That this could lead to extinction of the body is true, for the single flow (cord) is not enough to sustain the physical form for much more than a day or two. After that, will the physical form begin to shut down until it eventually ceases to function on its own.

Those on life-preserving equipment, are, many times, trapped by that equipment. For in preserving the physical form in that way do they force the essence to remain tethered to the body rather than allowing them to leave as they wished.

That all may wish to leave when connected in this way is not true, but most have opted to do so, but find themselves prevented from completing the disconnection process.

Many things can affect the flow of energies, but the primary flow is one of inward and outward. Because you have seven primary connection points between you (the physical you) and the different planes of existence, so do you have seven different “layers” or waves that surround you.

Some of these layers will be neutral, as others are negative or positive. That indicates part of the vibratory rate of the overall flow that is you. A 7th cast scholar with a chief feature of stubbornness living in Canada during the winter would have a moderately flowing aura, while a server, 3rd cast (stubbornness, in Canada in winter) would be slightly slower.

If however, the scholar were working out of the negative pole of their role and chief feature, then would they be faster in their vibratory rate, and would they find it difficult to mesh with the server at all. For the negative flow increases the speed with which the energies flow, thus preventing those with many negative overleaves from easily mixing with others whose flow rates are more “normal”.

The Tao flows at a rate of seven, for that is the closest to perfect balance that can be achieved. Those on the Buddhic plane merging with the Tao are nearing seven, while the others of us still retain enough variance that we recognize the distance we still need to go to achieve a vibratory rate close enough to allow us to return to the Tao.

Fear causes the flow to increase, while love causes the flow to return to its more “normal” rate. Fear also causes the energies to contract, that is draw closer to the source, for fear is an inward thought and expression, while agape, causes the energies to become expansive, for it is an outward flowing expression.

Read the paper, “Auric Bubbles and ESP” for more information on this topic.


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