Can I be Healed?

Q:  How does someone know whether they can be healed or not? A: All healing, ultimately, is self-healing; for only essence determines whether the body should be healed or not. Although, personality can block the process, it cannot heal the body without the aid of essence. A person may have the chief feature of martyrdom as … Continue reading Can I be Healed?

What is like on the Astral Plane?

Q:  Why would one want to visit the astral? A:  One would visit the astral for information, lessons not done in the physical, or to work with others (whether as balancers or cleansers, or guides or interpreters). For all are aware, and when the body "shuts down" (sleeps) focus of only a minimal sort is … Continue reading What is like on the Astral Plane?

Influencing the Physical Plane

Q:  Can you give  examples of causal teachers or entities influencing humanity in unique ways? Are artistic or cultural movements like impressionism in art or the Renaissance period within our history influenced by planal guides? A:  The causal guides or teachers "influence" only their students. That their students then have an impact upon the reality in … Continue reading Influencing the Physical Plane

Can Anyone Speak with Angels?

Q: Can anyone speak with their guides or guardian angel? A: Anyone can speak with their guides or guardians, this is merely a way of opening oneself to and listening to one’s “higher self”—the part of self not focused on the physical plane. The term “higher self” is misleading, for it is not that that … Continue reading Can Anyone Speak with Angels?

How can someone communicate with you?

Q:  How can  someone open themselves to contact some causal teacher or guide? A:  As to how someone would contact a causal guide, we could explain the mechanics, and yet still would there be those who could not master it. For they are driven by fear and cannot let personality go, even for a moment. For them there … Continue reading How can someone communicate with you?

Does Centering Affect Astral Communications?

Q: I would love to communicate with my guardian angels, but am not sure this is possible with my overleaves...I understand that those with an intellectual centering find it harder to open themselves than someone with a different centering. A:  It is not the centering so much that would preclude the meditating or the communicating, … Continue reading Does Centering Affect Astral Communications?